space exploration by canadians

Timeline created by ericxu8316
  • First canadian space craft launched

    The first canadian spacraft , Aloutte,is launched
  • IsIs saterlite launched

    The ISIS saterite is launched. It is inteded to study the Auroras.
  • First commercial saterllite

    The first Canadian commercial satellite is launched, Anik.
  • canadarm1 is instaded on the space shuttle

  • new Canadian commercial saterlite launched

    A new commercial canadian satillate begins operation.
  • Canada's first Astronaut

    Robeta Lynn bonader becomes Canada's first astronaut.
  • Cnada first obseveastion satrllite

    Cnada's first obsvation saterllite.
  • MSAT Launched

    Msat, another space communication saterlite built by CSA, is launched, and will brodcast Canada to the world.
  • NIMIQ: the russian connection

    Csa launches NImiq, which brodcasted us to the russians
  • The canadian space module is added on the iss

    the candian module is sent to the iss and docks with it, so canad contributed to the making of the Internation space station.
  • Canadarm2 is installed

    The canadarm systemis put on the international space station.
  • MOST space telescope launched

    Most, the smallest space probe, is lauched.
  • ozone saterlite launched

    CSA launches Scisat program. It helps scientist understnad how th ozone layer is falling apart.
  • Canada's most power ful comm saterllite acves orbit

    canada's most powerful communication saterlite is lauched from Europe space agency launch Pad( French Guiana).
  • Radarsat launched

    Canada launches radar monitoring saterlite to help predict storms.
  • canadarm final mission

    canadarm projectis dropped with the space shuttle pojet
  • Brite-constellastion is lauched

    This canadian saterlite is intended to study the britghest stars i n the sky( eg: Polarirus.
  • Neosat is launched.

    The neosat is lauched. Neo sat is the first space telescope to be dedicated to looking at asteriods, comets, and meteorites.