space exploration #3

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    Space exploration #3

  • First space shuttle to launch (Colombia)

    Columbia launched the first Space Shuttle
  • Challenger was launched (NASA)

    The second Space Shuttle, Challenger, was launched. (NASA)
  • First American women in space

    Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.
  • Discovery was launched (NASA)

    Space Shuttle, Discovery, was launched. (NASA)
  • Atlantis was launched (NASA)

    Atlantis the Space Shuttle, was launched. (NASA)
  • Challenger explodes

    Challenger exploes seconds after liftoff.
  • probe on jupiter

    The Galileo probe began transmitting data on Jupiter.
  • Mars pathfinder transmits pictures

    The Mars Pathfinder arrived on Mars and later began transmitting images.
  • Oldest man in space

    ohn Glenn; oldest man in space.
  • First female Shuttle comander

    JEileen Collins; first female Shuttle Commander.