Space Exploration

  • Prohject Mercury

    A US program that was made to reach the moon began with Project Mercury. This "Project" had goals of its own: orbit a piloted spacecraft. John Glenn participated be being in the Mercury and he became the first man to orbit Earth.
  • Mariner 2

    It explored Venus's atmosphere.
  • Project Gemini

    Teams of 2 astronauts in the same spacecraft (Gemini) orbited Earth. One Gemini team met and connected with another spacecraft in orbit- a skill that would need to be on a vayage to the Moon. It was much like the Mercury, ecxept it was larger and easier for Astronauts to maintain. It was launched by a roket known as Titan2 (in Roman numerals).
  • Pioneer 10

    took and sent the first photos of Jupiter . It was also the first probe to encounter an outer planet.
  • Viking 1

    Orbited and mapped the surface of Mars. And it also landed and searched for life on Mars.
  • Magellan

    Mapped Venus's surfaced and returned data on the composition of Venus's atmosphere.