Space Exploration

  • Suptnik 1

    First spacecraft into space
  • Period: to

    Space Exploration

  • Yuri Gagarin

    First human in space
  • John Glenn

    First U.S citizen to orbit Earth
  • John Shepard

    First U.S citizen in space
  • Mariner 2

    Verified high temperatures in Venus's atmosphere
  • Apollo 11

    First to land on Moon's surface
  • Neil Armstrong

    First person on space
  • Pioneer 10

    Sent back photos of Jupiter
  • Viking 1

    Orbiter mapped the surface of Mars- searched for life on Mars
  • Mariner 10

    Obtained the first good images of the surface of Mercury
  • Galileo

    First space probe to reach Jupiter's Atmosphere
  • Magellan

    Mapped Venus's surface and ruturned data on the composition of Venus's atmosphere