space exploration

  • Sputnik

    A Russian probe with a rocket that orbited the Earth.
  • Period: to

    space exploration

  • Yuri Gararin

    First human in space.
  • Project Mercury

    Project to orbit a piloted spacecraft around Earth and bring it back safely.
  • Alan Shepard

    First American citizen in space,
  • John Glenn

    First American citizen to orbit Earth.
  • mariner 2

    explored Venus' atmosphere
  • Project Apollo

    Project to land on the moon.
  • Neil Armstrong

    First person to land on moon. (American)
  • Pioneer 10

    Send back photos of Jupiter first probe to encounter an outer planet.
  • Viking 1

    mapped the surface of Mars. Searched for life on Mars.
  • Voyager 2

    flybs of the outer planets. Took photograph on Neptune.
  • Magellan

    Mapped Venus's surface and return data on the composition of Venus's atmosphere.