Space Exploration

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    Pioneer Program

    After 20 years of succsesful unmaned missions the poineer program has gave us great knowlage of the Sun, Venus and Mars.
  • Sputnik

    This spacecraft was launched around the Cold War and at the height of the Space Race. Sputnik was launched by the Russians. This was one of the reasons that the U.S. created NASA, they felt like they needed to get more space exploration than the Russians. Sputnik also learned alot of information about the Earths atmosphere
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    Venera Probes

    After 16 out of 20 missoins were completed we have found out a vast majority of knowlage from Venus. Th first three mission swer failed as well as a few other. Witht this program we have found out the Venus has lightning and similar weather patters as earth.
  • Mercury

    This is one of NASA responses to the Sputnik program. This was a mission when the first man orbited around the moon.
  • Gemini

    This was one of the very first launches into space. This program was to see how we could make more comfort and more easy to be in space
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    Mariner Program

    This program was designed to look at venus and its matian moons. this program has yet to end with pople now orking on Mariner 11 and 12
  • Viking 1

    This craft was the first to take hight deffinition pictures of mars. It was sent to discover if the canals in mars were to have water that could sustain life.
  • Viking 2

    This mission had the same purpose ans the Viking 1. This craft was sent to spce shortly after the Viking 1
  • Space Shuttle

    The space shuttle was a mission launched in the USA. thsis was not only an American endevour though. the ESA(European Space Agency help as well as japan. This was the first was the first spacecraft ever used more then once. the shuttle was freaquently used to repair and visit space stations.
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    The point of this mission was to map venus's surface while still orbiting the planet.
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    The hubble telescopewas made to obeve pluto but has done much more then that. The craft has taken pictures of other planets vital to scientists reasearch.
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    The NEAR mission was launched to Study asteroid close to the earth hence the name Near Earth Asteriod Rendevous. this doscovered may things about asteroid around our solar system.
  • Voyager 1/2

    Thes missions we built to take a further look into space.
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    This mission was meant to discover more about Saturnand its rings/moonsThe craftlanded on Titan and orbited Saturn many times.
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    Space Station

    This space station was built to do expirements in space. It is called the expidition 35 and is currently in space. over 400 expeirements were conducted there.
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    The point of this mission was to study the sun and solar flares. this mission was closer to the sun then any other spacecraft before.
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    Mars Rovers

    The first two rover missions were planned by the soviet union. the were both failed. the american raover curiosity is sitll on mars today. the point of these missions were to take pictures and find water.