South East Asia

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    The Emergence of Khmer Civilization

    The Emergence of Khmer Civilization
    Khmer controlled angkar wat. There main religion is hinduism and the practiced it among the people. They had advanced civilizations compared to others of their time.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Colonization of Southeast Asia

    Colonization of Southeast Asia
    Travelers explored and found the Southeast Asia. Lead by portugal and european powers they colonized the Southeast. They first came to look for resources and spices.
  • Jan 1, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellan's Discovery

    Ferdinand Magellan's Discovery
    Ferdinand Magellan the explorer came by and found the place. He claimed the Philippines for Spain. He spread a lot of catholicism to the Philippines.
  • Arrival of Dutch traders

    Arrival of Dutch traders
    Dutch traders came in the 1600's. The traders drove out some of the portuguese occupying the area. They only kepy Timor after a while.
  • British and French Colonization

    British and French Colonization
    The British and French set up colonies and drove others out. It happened in the 1800's. They set up plantations and railroads.
  • U.S. Ownership of Philippines

    U.S. Ownership of Philippines
    The U.S. owned the region in 1898. They won it in the American-Philippines war. They lost the land soon later.
  • Japanese Invasion of the Philippines

    Japanese Invasion of the Philippines
    The Japanese came iun WWII and invaded the philippines. They occupied most of the southeast. They left after they lost WWII.
  • Vietname War

    Vietname War
    Vietnam war started between the US and Vietnam. It lasted for 3 years. It was against communists.
  • Cambodia civil war

    Cambodia civil war
    Civil wars in cambodia started. They were very bloody and violence was a problem. It lasted for a long time.
  • Arrival of Thais

    Arrival of Thais
    The thais arrived and they took some land. They originated from South China. The Thais introduced buddhism to the countries.