Sound of Thunder

  • Exposition

    Eckles-main character
    Official- head of the organization
    Mr. Travis- Safari Guide
    Lesperance- Head assistant
    Billings+Kramer- other hunters
  • Eckles Gets informed

    Eckles pays and asks question about if he's going to die or if he will be guaranteed to shoot something. He also sees the machine and signs a release form
  • The man tries to scare Eckles

    The man in charge wanted to scare Eckles so he would no what he was doing and not do anything stupid
  • Trip to the future

    Eckles meets everybody who is going to travel with him and the they go to the futre. When they get there Mr. Travis tells them the rules and guide lines
  • Only kill special animals!

    Mr. Travis tells Eckles the reasons why you have to be careful not to step off the path and how to pick which animal to pick by checking how it dies and how many times it reproduces.
  • Time to kill. climax

    It's time for them to find te t-rex and Eckles is terrified by his first sight. He regrets his choice and went to go hide in the time machine but he ran off the path in the process
  • Falling action

    Travis and Lesperance kill the trex and everyone gets on the time machine. Travis ismad and says that if anything changed back in the futre then he will kill Eckles
  • Eckles dies

    Travismakes Eckles get the bullets out of the trex. When they get back to the present day time there is a new president and there is a new way of writing. Turns out Eckles had stepped on a butterfly. Travis kills Eckles