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  • Burning bodies

    Burning bodies
    They started burning bodies because there wasn't enough space for the dead bodies. They also Burned some of the dpeople alive if they didnt do what they were suppose to.
  • Hitler's hate

    Hitler's hate
    HItlerf hated the jews bcause they killed his mom. He also hated them because he belived that they destroyed the monarchy.
  • Aryan woman after war

    Aryan woman after war
    Aryan woman were reated terribly. They were abused killed and raped.
  • The Church

    The Church
    Theey got taken away to a church. Milada only knows one person there Ruzha.
  • Taken away

    Taken away
    MIlada and her famzily got taken out iof there home at night. They also had to pack there stuff but it all got taken it away.
  • forgeting

    Eva forgot her name Milada. Can't speak Czech.
  • Reunited

    Eva got resscued by an american soldier. she was then reunited with her mother.
  • Dad leaves

    Dad leaves
    Eva's vater left and took peter. He didn't take mutter or elisibeth or eva.
  • new family

    new family
    Eva thinks this is her family and starrts hanging out with her. Eva put herf pin in her dresser
  • Soviet unoin

    Soviet unoin
    Invaded soviet union because theyd had so many jews. It was the biggest milatary attack.
  • Adoption

    Eva got took out of the center and got adopted by a new family. She didn't if her family was coming.
  • Burning bodies

    Burning bodies
    found out that thed smell was the burning bodies. She ran to the singin and cut her hands.
  • Hitler assasination

    Hitler assasination
    they put a bomb under his table. He left earlier though it did kill other people in the room.
  • Japan

    Japan bombed pearl harbor. Atomic bomb got dropped on heroshima
  • Heydrich

    Hitler's number 2 mangot killed. He was killed by british special ops.
  • Hitler Suicide

    Hitler Suicide
    He killed himself because his troops were running out of ammo. He also did it because he couldn't get more troops.