Social media timeline 1

Social Media Timeline

By ac356
  • Where it all begins

    Where it all begins
    On one of the first true social media sites,, you could set up a profile page, create lists of connections, and send messages within networks.
  • Six degrees shuts down

    Six degrees shuts down shuts down 2 years after being purchased by youthstream media networks
  • Windows Messenger

    Windows Messenger
    Windows Messenger is released, and is shipped with Windows XP. This is an integrated version of MSN Messenger
  • The launch of friendster

    The launch of friendster
    Social networking and gaming site Friendster launches. The service would be popular in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • The launch of Hi5

    The launch of Hi5
    Social networking website Hi5 launches.
  • The launch of MYSPACE

    The launch of MYSPACE
    Also in 2003 MySpace launches
  • Facemash

    Mark Zuckerberg launches "facemash" a Harvard university hot or not comparison game
  • The facebook

    The facebook
    "Facemash" gets a name change to "The Facebook" while registering it's one million user
  • Facebook

    "The Facebook" gets a name change to just face book after purchasing the domain for $200,000
  • The arrival of YouTube

    The arrival of YouTube
    YouTube in 2005
  • The arrival of twitter

    The arrival of twitter
    Twitter started to take off
  • The arrival of tumblr

    The arrival of tumblr
    17-year-old David Karp launched Tumblr from his bedroom in his mother’s New York apartment.
  • #Hashtaging

    Hash tagging started to become a thing and twitter would become known for #'s
  • The arrival of the emojis

    The arrival of the emojis
    Unicode adopted the emoji in 2010. The move was the beginning of emojis being legitimized as a language
  • Photosharing app

    Photosharing app
    The famous photo sharing app "instagram" launched
  • Pinterest

    Pinterest started to gain more traction
  • snapchats arrival

    snapchats arrival
    SnapChat (originally named picaboo" launched
  • facebook to one billion

    facebook to one billion
    Just eight years after launching in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room, Facebook announced its user base had reached a significant milestone
  • Google hangouts

    Google hangouts
    Instant messaging and video/voice calling service Google Hangouts launches
  • Musical.iy

    Musical.iy a lip-syncing app, launches
  • Periscope

    a live video sharing app, launches shortly after being acquired by Twitter
  • Triller

    a video editing app, is converted into a social networking service by allowing users to follow each other and share their videos publicly.
  • TikTok arrival

    TikTok arrival
    a short video sharing and social media service, launches.
  • Bye Bye Google plus

    Bye Bye Google plus
    Google+ shuts down in April 2019 due to low user engagement and an API flaw
  • Clubhouse launch

    Clubhouse launch
    an audio-chat social networking app, launches.