Social media timeline (Alex Adams & Antavious Fish)

  • Hot or Not

    Hot or Not
    Can anyone overlook users were encouraged to upload pictures of themselves so that other users could judge how attractive they were. Millions of fears are said to have been stoked by Hot or Not, which is said to have influenced the people behind youtube and facebook.
  • Friendster timeline

    Friendster timeline
    Friendster was intended to be a dating service that matched individuals with shared friends. You might make a profile with your mood revealed and status updates.
  • Myspace: A place for friends

    Myspace: A place for friends
    In contrast to Friendster's private profiles, its editable public profiles which frequently included music, films, and awkward, half naked selfies were accessible to everyone.
  • Twitter hatches

    Twitter hatches
    Co-founder @Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet ever, which was, "just setting up my twttr." This tweet effectively set the standard for tweets to come. Originally, Dorsey thought of twttr as a text-messaging app for friends to share updates.
  • YouTube makes partners, the OG influencers

    YouTube makes partners, the OG influencers
    The site received around eight million daily views between May 2005, when it went into beta, and December 2005, when it launched. Before Google acquired it in the fall of 2006, 20 million devoted visitors had viewed 100 million films on the website
  • Introducing Instagram

    Introducing Instagram
    One of the earliest Instagram photos, taken by co-founder Mike Krieger (@mikeyk) on July 16, 2010, was a scenic shot of a marina, posted without any caption.
  • Twitch launches

    Twitch launches
    Twitch, a popular video game live-streaming platform, began as a subsidiary of, a general-interest streaming site that debuted in 2007.
  • Snapchat’s disappearing act

    Snapchat’s disappearing act
    In the summer of 2011, roughly a year after Instagram's launch, a photo-sharing app called Picaboo emerged. However, the company soon faced legal issues due to a naming conflict with another company, prompting a rapid rebranding to Snapchat
  • Slack

    Slack made its debut in the same year as Google Hangouts, revolutionizing the way companies approached social media by introducing a platform that specifically catered to corporate communication needs, an approach that differentiated it from LinkedIn's more traditional professional networking focus.
  • Patreon

    Patreon was founded by developer Sam Yam and musician Jack Conte, with the goal of helping creators monetize their YouTube content. The platform enables fans to support their favorite artists by subscribing to exclusive or monthly content, providing a new revenue stream for creators
  • Year of the Selfie

    Year of the Selfie
    The 2014 Oscars sparked the 'Year of the Selfie' phenomenon, led by Ellen DeGeneres's iconic photo, which became the most retweeted tweet in Twitter history, surpassing three million retweets. The momentous selfie earned Twitter's coveted "Golden Tweet" award for that year, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon
  • A star (TikTok) is born

    A star (TikTok) is born
    TikTok's meteoric rise spread rapidly across Asian countries, but it wasn't until 2019 that it gained widespread popularity in North America. A pivotal moment came when Lil Nas X released his hit song 'Old Town Road' on the platform, which promptly went viral, introducing the app to a new wave of users and cementing its place in the global cultural landscape
  • Co–Star

    A revolutionary social networking platform, rooted in the realm of astrology, officially launches, offering users a unique and fascinating way to connect with others who share their celestial signs and energies
  • AIM

    The astrological social networking service, once a pioneer in the online community, has ceased to exist and is no longer available as a service.
  • Yahoo

    July 17, 2018, the astrological social networking service's messaging feature will cease to exist, marking the end of an era for users who relied on the platform to send and receive messages with fellow astrology enthusiasts
  • Parler launches

    Parler launches
    Standing as a champion of unfiltered expression, presents itself as a impartial and ad-free alternative to dominant social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, offering a platform for individuals to freely share their thoughts and opinions without the influence of commercial interests
  • Google+

    its closure in April 2019, citing disappointing user engagement and a critical API flaw that ultimately proved insurmountable to overcome, bringing an end to the platform's ambitious yet ultimately short-lived endeavor
  • Clubhouse

    its innovative audio-chat social networking platform, allowing users to engage in spontaneous, voice-driven conversations with friends, like-minded individuals, and industry experts alike.
  • BeReal

    Every day, for a limited two-minute window, users can share a photo or video snapshot of their life, creating a unique and intimate window into the lives of their friends and connections
  • Gettr

    launched by Jason Miller, a veteran political strategist and former advisor to the U.S. President, providing a digital space for like-minded individuals to share their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives in a safe and like-minded environment
    social media platform in Poland, officially ceased operations on July 27, bringing an end to its near 15-year journey as the country's most popular social media network.
  • Truth Social

    Truth Social
    A new social media platform, is launched by former U.S. President Donald Trump, offering a unique digital space for users to engage in discussions, share their thoughts, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Yik Yak

    Yik Yak
    Popular social media app makes a triumphant return to the App Store, relaunching with a revamped user experience and a renewed commitment to its community of users.
  • Nostr

    a pioneering decentralized network protocol is launched, enabling a truly decentralized and distributed social networking system that empowers users to connect and share content freely
  • Telegram Business

    Telegram Business
    Telegram platform, providing a suite of advanced tools and features designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and communication.