Historical Events of the 60's

  • First Televised Debates

    First Televised Debates
    Over 70 million Americans tuned in to watch the first ever televised presidential debates. They were held between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. It changed what a lot of people though of JFK, because while he was strong and confident, Richard Nixon had just recovered from a knee injury two weeks before, and still looked ill. Although over the radio, many would of said Nixon won, most of the television viewers said Kennedy delivered a strong and confident speech, with smooth delivery.
  • JFK Inauguration

    JFK Inauguration
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy is inaugurated as the 35th president of the United States. One very controversial thing about him is that he was the first and only Roman Catholic president. One thing he said during his ignauration speech is one of the most remembered presidential quotes. He said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country".
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    Bay of Pigs invasion
    Cuban Exiles, backed by the U.S. Government, invaded the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba, with a plan to overthrow the dictator Fidel Castro. The U.S. government chose to back the exiles because they disapproved of Cuba's government. The invasion eventually failed, after JFK decided to not provide air support to the exiles.
  • First American In Space

    First American In Space
    On this day, Alan Shepard became the first American, and second man to ever go into space. The flight was only designed to reach space, not to go into orbit. This was considered a "response" by NASA to the Russians sending the first man into space.
  • Friendship 7 Launch

    Mercury-Atlas 6, also know as Friendship 7, was the first American spacecraft to put a man into orbit. John Glenn was the astronaut chosen to complete the mission. After multiple delays, he had a successful launch and recovery.
  • Silent Spring is Published

    Silent Spring is Published
    The book "Silent Spring" is written by Rachel Carson. This is important because it helped stopped pollution coming from chemicals such as DDT. Because of this, at least 5 states banned DDT by the end of 1962.
  • Marilyn Monroe Found Dead

    Marilyn Monroe Found Dead
    Marilyn Monroe was found dead, from a drug overdose. She was one of the most popular and influential celebrities of the time.
  • The "I Have A Dream" Speech

    The "I Have A Dream" Speech
    At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous i have a dream speech. This is one of the most recognized speeches of all time, and is a symbol for the civil rights movement. It influenced the government to take greater steps toward making all Americans equal.
  • JFK Assassination

    JFK Assassination
    In Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 p.m. the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald is shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Many people believe in different theories about multiple assassins, but the Warren Commisions investigation concluded Oswald acted alone.He would never face trial though, becuase several days later, while he was being transported to prison, he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby.
  • Cigarettes Cause Cancer

    Cigarettes Cause Cancer
    This was the first time an official report said that cigarettes cause lung cancer. It talked about the negative health effects that cigarettes caused on the body. It was prompted by the Surgeon General saying there was a casual relationship between cigarette use and lung cancer, with several of the largest private health providers requesting an official report.
  • Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston

    Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston
    Cassius Clay defated Charles "Sonny" Liston for the world heavyweight title. After the end of the 7th round, Liston was exhausted and refused to fight anymore. Later on is his career, Clay would be known as Muhammad Ali.
  • Malcolm X is Killed

    Malcolm X is Killed
    Malcolm X, a well known civil rights leaderand religious leader, was killed by members of the Nation of Islam, or NOI. He had earlier been suspended from the NOi, permenantly.
  • First Troops in Vietnam

    First Troops in Vietnam
    On this day, the first U.S. troops arrive in Vietnam. 3,500 marines landed in Da Nang, in South Vietnam.
  • Watts Riots

    Watts Riots
    These riots took place in L.A., in an known as Watts. It was caused when a L.A. police officer pulled over a man and his brother because he believed they were drunk. It quickly escalated to violence, and a crowd gathered. Soon, a riot started, which after 5 days, 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries, 3,438 arrests, and over $40 million dollars worth of property damage, finally ended. One of the largest civil rights issues of the 60's.
  • Super Bowl I

    Super Bowl I
    The first ever NFL-AFL championship game, between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers won the game, 35-10. Two things that seperate this Super Bowl from the rest was that it didn't sell out, and it was boradcasted by two different networks.
  • MLK Jr. Killed

    MLK Jr. Killed
    In Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist and leader, is shot and killed. James Earl Ray was the one who shot him.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Killed

    Robert F. Kennedy Killed
    Robert F. Kennedy, a United States Senator and brother of John F. Kennedy, is shot and killed by Sirhan Sirhan. His assassin is currently serving a life sentence, even though his attorneys claim he was framed.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    On this day, the Apollo 11 mission put Neil Armstrong on the moon. He was the first human to ever walk on the moon. Several minutes after, Buzz Aldrin also walked on the moon. This was a significant event in the Cold War, becuase it was the first time America was ahead of Russia in the space race.