10 significant events in the book Night

  • Eviction of foreign jews

    Elie's teacher, and Moshe are expelled from sighet
  • Moshe returns to warn Elie of the gestapo

  • The Weasel family joins the deportation

    They are being deported to Auschwitz with other people in a railway cattle car.
  • Elie arives at Birkenau

    Elie and his father are sent to Auschwitz.
  • Elie witnesses the hanging of a small boy

    He believes god was murdered along side the boy.
  • Elie and his father are marched to Buna

    Elie got a number tattooed onto his arm: A-7713.
  • Elie and his father choose to be evacuated along side with the rest of the prisoners

    If they had stayed behind they would have been rescued.
  • Elie and his father are sent to roofless cattle cars.

    They are being sent to Buchenwald.
  • Elies father dies.

    His death was due to dysentery. He wakes to find his father already been taken to the cremetory.
  • Liberation by the Americans

    The Jews were saved and freed at last