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Social Media timeline

By asapisa
  • The internet is born

    The internet is born
    Internet is vital. Without it there would be no social media.
  • Yahoo messenger is released

    Yahoo messenger is released
    Yahoo messenger was a instant messaging platform provided by Yahoo!.
  • Are you "Hot or Not"?

    Are you "Hot or Not"?
    The site was a place were you could upload photos and others could rate them. Later in its life the site would be known as "game".
  • Myspace

    A place where you can publicly share photos, videos, and music.
  • Facemash

    A precursor to Facebook. Harvard's version of Hot or Not.
  • Facebook

    The social media powerhouse that also owns instagram.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is a media where you can share videos online with the world to see.
  • Twitter

    A social media sight were you could share pictures and videos, and you thoughts with a limit if 140 chracters.
  • Linkedln

    The myspace for adults. LinkedIn is a platform where users could create an account for possible job inquiries.
  • Youtube introduces its partnership program

    Youtube introduces its partnership program
    Youtube starts paying "YouTubers" for making videos. Which in turn grows the amount of content on the website and viewership.
  • Microblogging and Tumblr

    Microblogging and Tumblr
    Short sentences, images, and videos that displayed a certain idea or person.
  • #Hashtag

    The hashtag was introduced by twitter which allowed people to attach tags to their posts.
  • Emoji's ;)

    Emoji's ;)
    Emoji's are included by apple and google based platforms.
  • For the gram

    For the gram
    Instagram was introduced in 2010. This platform allowed you to share photos to your friends and the public.It was was only a sliver then compared to what the platform is now.
  • Snapchat

    This app allowed you to reach your friends by sending a picture with a message that would disappear after a few seconds.
  • Twitch tv

    Twitch tv
    Twitch tv was launched in 2011 as a way to livestream your content, primarily video games.
  • Google+

    Google+ was a Facebook look a like. Was integrated into gmail and google hangouts.
  • Facebook reaches one billion

    Facebook reaches one billion
    Facebook reached one million users.
  • Year of the selfie

    Year of the selfie
    Year of the selfie was proclaimed by twitter in 2014.
  • Facebook live

    Facebook live
    Facebook's very own streaming service. Late to the show but is dominating the space for sure.
  • instagram stories

    instagram stories
    just like Snapchat, Instagram eventually applied the idea of stories to its platform.
  • times 2

    times 2
    Twitter doubles the character allowance from 140 to 280.
  • IGTV

    Instagram adds long-form content to its platform calling it IGTV.
  • Google+ is shutdown

    Google+ is shutdown
    Google+ was shut down due to low user engagement.
  • Clubhouse

    An audio chat social networking app.