Social Media Timeline

  • First Social Media Site

    First Social Media Site
    In may of 1997, what many people consider as the first Social Media website was founded. It released as and was one of the first times people were able to create their own page and send messages to each other on the site.
  • Hot or Not?

    Hot or Not?
    in October of 2000, a site that seemed like a precursor to Tinder was released, deemed Hot or Not. This was essentially a dating site where users would rate each others attractiveness. many people attribute this as inspiration for Facebook and Youtube.
  • Friendster

    Friendster released in 2002 as a somewhat hybrid dating and networking website. It was somewhat revolutionary because things were implemented such as status updates and messaging other peoples friends.
  • Facemash

    In October of 2003, Mark Zuckerberg released Facemash, which seemed like his answer to Hot or Not
  • MySpace

    In August of 2003, Myspace dropped and was the cooler more popular alternative to Friendster, with Myspace eventually gaining millions of teen users
  • Facebook

    Facemash changes their name to The Facebook, and eventually just becomes Facebook.
  • Linked In no longer in the black

    Linked In no longer in the black
    in 2006,3 years following its launch, LinkedIn turns a profit for the first time. LinkedIn once known as “Myspace for adults” was the first to offer users paid premium packages. Its Jobs and Subscriptions area, the site’s first premium business line, helped bring in revenue in the early days.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is finally released in 2006, the same year sites like Youtube and Facebook take off.
  • Youtube Partners

    Youtube Partners
    In May 2007, YouTube introduced its partnership program. The initiative is what it sounds like: a partnership between YouTube and its popular content creators. YouTube provides the platform and creators provide the content. Profits from advertising on creators’ channels are then shared between the two parties
  • Tumblr and blogs

    Tumblr and blogs
    In February of this year a 17 year old dropped Tumblr, opening the door to the world of micro blogging
  • #hashtag

    Twitter was really defined by the hashtag (#) a symbol that is used to mobilize, promote, and create awareness for social issues. It is a very useful way to group content.
  • Weibo

    China’s Sina Weibo, or simply Weibo. A Facebook and Twitter hybrid, the site launched in 2009 the same year Facebook and Twitter were banned in the country. Along with Qzone and QQ, Weibo remains one of the most popular social networks in China, with 340 million active monthly users.

    FarmVille exploded in popularity in 2009, with the new technology in computers in social media it was now possible to send everybody you know invites to play this casual game on Facebook's website, and they were doing it.
  • Grindr

    Grindr came on the scene in 2009 with the title of first geosocial or gay dating app for gay and bisexual men. Somewhat of a precursor to Tinder.
  • Pinteresting

    Pinterest is a very popular site amongst women that shows cooking recipes, crafts, and many other creative things.
  • Instagram

    Instagram, one of today's premier social media sites where almost every person you know has one, burst onto the scene in 2010. This photo sharing and social media app now eclipses 100 million users
  • #Jan25 Tahir

    #Jan25 Tahir
    Jan. 25, 2011 was a fateful day for hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who took to the streets, gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest 30 years of dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak. The uprising eventually forced Mubarak to step down. Social Media was attributed to playing a large role in this
  • Googleplus

    Google plus joins in to try to rival Facebook with Google plus.Google Plus differentiated itself from Facebook with its “circles” for organizing friends and acquaintances that could be done easily without having to send a friend request.
  • Snapchat.. maybe

    Snapchat.. maybe
    In July of 2011, Picaboo launched and quickly rebranded as Snapchat.. one of the most popular forms of social media and communication today.
  • Facebook is massive

    Facebook is massive
    8 years after launching from Mark Zuckerbergs dorm room, Facebook reaches 1 billion users.
  • Year of the Selfie

    Year of the Selfie
    Twitter proclaimed 2014 as the “Year of the Selfie” following Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar photo. You know the one. Or, you should. Because that selfie has been retweeted more than three million times setting a Twitter record. Selfie was probably a term that was completely unheard of 10 years ago.
  • Meerkat streaming

    Meerkat streaming
    In 2015, Meerkat was the first app to begin the live-streaming craze, which has completely taken over dominates many major networks today
  • Facebook Live

    Facebook Live
    Facebook, arguably the biggest Social Media platform was a little late to streaming not dropping their personal livestream to 2016.
  • Instagram stories

    Instagram stories
    Instagram responds to Snapchat by answering with their stories, a picture or video that deletes itself after 24 hours. This helped fuel people's obsession with pictures and texts that don't stay up forever.
  • Cambridge Analytca

    Cambridge Analytca
    In 2018, it was reveled that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica, a company working on Donald Trump's presidential campaign, to view information on over 50 million people and earning the hashtag #DeleteFacebook