Social Media Disruptions

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  • Kony 2012

    Kony 2012
    Kony 2012 was a protest about invisible children. This movement went viral through platforms like youtube and Vimeo
  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter
    Black Lives Matter is an event that is in support of black lives matter and looks at the social injustices on African American people by police. This movement was in a series of protests and was highly supported on social media specifically Instagram.
  • #MeToo

    The Me Too movement spread awareness about sexual assault and sexual harassment. This movement was seen a lot over Facebook and Twitter where people have more room to explain their experiences and express their involvement in this movement.
  • March for our lives

    March for our lives
    This disruption was student-led and was about gun violence. Some may also know this movement as never again. Students wanted to fight against gun violence in the country. This movement was seen on twitter.
  • Covid 19 and stay home inititive

    Covid 19 and stay home inititive
    Due to the spread of covid 19 individuals were encouraged to stay home. This movement used a lot of social media due to how people were staying home. This was mostly seen over facebook and instagram.