Social Media Disruptions

  • Nicaraguan Journalist Killed During Facebook Live Broadcast

    Nicaraguan Journalist Killed During Facebook Live Broadcast
    During the same year that Facebook Live first makes its debut, a Nicaraguan journalist is killed by national police using live rounds on protestors while broadcasting on the platform. The video quickly goes viral locally and internationally. His death becomes a symbol for the revolution.
  • Women's March

    Women's March
    On the day of President Trump's Inauguration, women from all over the US and even in other countries marched in the streets by the hundreds of thousands in nearly every major city across the US. On record, it is the largest protest in a single day in US history. These demonstrations were organized through social media on both local and national levels to procure city-wide demonstrations with the goal of bringing solidarity and awareness to women's rights issues.
  • #MeToo Movement

    #MeToo Movement
    Although the hashtag had been circulating since 2006 on MySpace, it gained true fame and worldwide status on Twitter when sexual allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein. With the help of high profile celebrity endorsements, the hashtag was exposed and discussed on a national level. Later, other countries started adopting the hashtag, bringing to light the widespread problem of sexual assault. This popularity brought about protests, firings, and other social awareness.
  • The Oklahoma Teacher Strikes

    The Oklahoma Teacher Strikes
    What began as a Facebook group for Oklahoma teachers to connect ended up being the main organizational tool for a walk-out protest against low wages. Utilizing this group to reach out to teachers across the state allowed organizers to create a historical protest.
  • George Floyd/BLM Protests

    George Floyd/BLM Protests
    BLM was increasingly in the spotlight since the Martin shooting, but over the 30 days following the killing of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter hashtag was mentioned more than 80 million times on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and blogs: more traffic than it had gotten in the few previous years combined. The Floyd protests become the most searched protests in Google history. The viral video of Floyd's death, spread by SM, was a springboard for nation-wide protests, starting in Minneapolis.