Social Media Assignment-Michael Shipp Zachary Easter

Timeline created by MichaelS3
  • The First Social Media Account

    Called, you could sign up for a profile page create connections and send messages within networks. Zach Easter
  • Friendster

    Originally a dating site, you could create a profile that included status updates and reveal your moods. You were able to message friends. Michael Shipp
  • MySpace

    Had customizable public profiles, were visible to anyone, and they were available to any registered users. Michael Shipp
  • Twitter Hatches

    Envisioned for sending updates to friends, but at first Twitter racked up quite a few SMS charges. Michael Shipp
  • Youtube Makes Partners

    Started off as 8 million views per day, but once they partnered up with Google, it grew to 100 million views per day. Michael Shipp
  • The Hashtag

    A symbol that helped political organizers and average citizens mobilize, promote, and create awareness for social issues. Zach Easter
  • Introducing Instagram

    Thanks to their founders, this gave the people the ability to post their pictures, and also add filters to all of them. Zach Easter
  • Snapachat's disappearing act

    This app would allow the user's to post the content of their life and the content would then disappear 24 hours after the post. Zach Easter
  • Facebook Celebrates one Billion

    Just 8 years after it's launch, owner Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his website surpassing 1 billion users. Michael Shipp
  • Year of the Selfie

    Due to Ellen's viral picture, this made 2014 the "Year of the Selfie" after her picture surpassed 3 million times. Zach Easter