Social Media

By mm518
  • PLATO Sytem

    PLATO Sytem
    offers early forms of social media with notes, Platos messges-forum application, term talk.
  • Discrete Cosine Transform

    Become the most widely used date compression algorithm on social media, enabling the practical transmission and streaming of digital media.
  • Talkomatic

    Multi-user chat room application
  • Bulletin Board System

    emerges as one of the earliest known forms of social media and remains popular and under development until late 1980
  • FidoNet

    forms of as a BBS to exchange emails in North America and later internationally
  • Classmates

    originally launched as a list of school affiliations is launched in December and current classmates find and contact each other.
  • Lunarstorm

    the first worlds media on the internet.
  • Bolt

    first networking and video website
  • First Social Media Site

    First Social Media Site was the first site. You could set up a profile page, create connections and send messages.
  • Aol Mail

    Aol Mail
    Instant messenger released.
  • Open Diary

    Open Diary
    First social blogging network, inventing the reader comment and friends only content.
  • Yahoo!

    another popular instant messaging services
  • MySpace

    Social networking site for musicians and bands.
  • Gaining Traction

    Gaining Traction
    In 2003 mark Zuckerberg launched face mash, registering its one millionth user that same year.
  • Facebook

    Most popular social networking service to date
  • Twitter

    Thread of messages and sometimes pictures with the text.
  • Hashtag

    a symbol used to promote political organizers and average citizens mobilize and create awareness.
  • Grinder

    A dating app, geared towards gay and bisexual men
  • Instagram

    a photo/video sharing and social media service
  • Pinterst Pinning

    Pinterst Pinning
    You can save pins and pin things, place where people can go to get inspired and see pictures
  • Snapchat

    Photo/video sharing app
  • Facebook Goes Public

    Facebook Goes Public
    This valued the company at $104 billion, the largest valuation to date for a newly listed public company
  • Year of the Selfie

    Year of the Selfie
    front facing camera picture and Ellen Degeneres went viral
  • Yahoo Discontinues

    Yahoo Discontinues
    Yahoo discontinues its services for windows, Mac, linux, and solaris clients
  • Instagram Launches Stories

    Instagram Launches Stories
    Stories last for 24 hours and can be a pictures with a short text or a short video.
  • Tik-Tok

    A short video sharing and social media service
  • Instagram Launches IGTV

    Instagram Launches IGTV
    This becomes a huge hit for influencers and they can now promote through instagram and that can become a job.