SO Many Phones

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  • Birth

    The day i was born
  • The Day I Started Playing Atari

  • My first R/C Flight

    My first R/C Flight
  • Visit Grandma's house rodary style phone

  • My First computer. WINDOWS 98

  • My First Trip to California and my first time on an airplane

  • My Frist e-mail acount - AOL you have mail

  • Gamecube

  • Jr. High school my brother and I get to share our first cell phone

  • Myspace hits first social network

  • Myspace is lame its all about Facebook now, second social network

  • RRR im a Pirte first illegal download

    welcome limewire
  • My First Cell Phone its all mine

  • Period: to

    H.S Track New running shoes

    Changed the way my feet communicate with the ground
  • another new cell phone

  • Christmas my first laptop

  • My Zune MP3 Player

  • another new cell phone

  • H.S graduation new cell phone for college

  • droped last phone in pool got another new phone today

  • Starcraft 2 First Computer Game

  • My First Smartphone unlimited everything

  • Upgraded my laptop old one was out dated

  • My First Tablet

  • Roommate bought a Milk Frother

    Coffee will never be the same