So... How did Black become famous?

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  • The Story Begins

    The Story Begins
    Ark Music Factory uploads Rebecca Black's song, "Friday".
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    Rebecca Black


    Black 's video had 13 million views. How? In this case , Ark Productions had a hand in it. They made sure Black went to as many interviews as possible to increase the video's popularity. But most famous Youtubers tag their videos excessively to get more views. Link to image
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  • Black goes on the TONIGHT SHOW

    By now, Black had been interviewed by many already. For example, Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show and Good Morning America.
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  • In the end, Black will be the one laughing.

    Rebecca Black sold 40,000 digital copies of her song "Friday". By now, thousands of negative comments had been made on the video "Friday". But even thos giving negative feedback (well, more like ridicule), were giving her more fame. Like other Youtubers, all Black needed to show her fame were views. After that, the rest would all come into place.
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  • 1.9 Million Dislikes

    Rebecca Black's video had know recieved 1.9 million dislikes on Youtube. In the end, Black still recieved the win, due to the fact so many people have viewed her video.
  • 100 Million.

    Rebecca Black recieves ONE HUNDRED MILLION hits on Youtube. Along with this are two million dislikes.
    Just like Fred or Annoying Orange, "Friday" doesn't have the best quality, but it is something to watch. Due to this, and the age of sharing information online, Rebecca Black and millions of other Youtubers have become famous. Watch it.