200px the maze runner cover

(SM) The Maze Runner, James Dashner, 372

  • Pg. 1-100 Total: 964

    In these pages, Thomas arrives in the maze and quickly learns the rules of the house where everyone residess. He learns what everyone does and how no one knows how they got here only that they did. However, when Thomas comes he acts a bit strange and feels like he has been in the maze before but he doesn't know why. Also, strange things begin to happen after he arrives including the first ever girl to enter the maze and she is the last ever person to do so.
  • Pg. 101-200 Total: 1064

    In these pages, Thomas learns the name of the mysterious girl who entered the maze and she is somehow communicating to him with her mind. Thomas also learns that the maze is huge but doesn't seem to be supported on anything which puzzles him greatly. When the girl wakes up she can still telepathically communicate with Thomas and he continues to try to find the secret to the maze.
  • Pg. 201-300 Total: 1164

    In these pages, Thomas realizes that the girl has triggered the "end of the world" in the maze and Thomas remembers how to get out of the maze but it requires a leap of faith off of a steep cliff. he tells the others what he remembers and uses the maps of the maze that people draw to decipher a code within the changing walls of the maze. They all get ready to battle the dangers of the maze, and head out into the night.
  • Pg. 301-372 Total: 1235

    In these pages, Thomas and the girl along with his best friend enter a hole when they jumped off the cliff and try to turn everything off by entering the key words. They are attacked by creatures that enter the hole but shut down the maze just in time. The others who have been fighting finally join them in the battle and when they get out they realize they are part of an experiment that the organization WICKED has been planning for ages. They are then "rescued" but don't know what lies ahead.