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(SM) The Hobbit, J.R.R Tolkien, 303

  • Pg. 1-27 Total: 1091

    In these pages, Bilbo meets up with his old friend Galdalf whom he knew when he was a child. Gandalf asks Bilbo if he wouldlike to go on an adventure but Bilbo declines his offer. Later that night, 13 dwarves along with Gandalf appear at Bilbo's house and they adopt Bilbo as their burglar for their quest. Bilbo debates going because he is adventurous but he is also scared of the dragon they will encounter. Also, the dwarves sing a song about their homeland.
  • Pg. 28-44 Total: 1107

    In these pages, Bilbo awakes from a long nap to find the dwarves gone but realizes that they are waiting for him down at the Prancing Pony Inn and he hurries to get ready in time. Soon after they begin their journey, the pony carrying the food jumps into the river and the dwarves send Bilbo to scout out a nearby fire for food. Bolbo finds trolls surrounding the fire and before long, all of the dwarves are captured. Gandalf shows up then and tricks the trolls and the sunlight turns them to stone.
  • Pg. 45-67 Total: 1129

    In these pages, Gandalf, Bilbo and the dwarves arrive at the house of Elrond who shows them the moon runes on Thorin's map of his homeland. A few days later, they leave and take the mountain path. There is a fierce storm raging there and Fili and Kili find a cave for shelter. The cave is actually a goblin cave so everyone gets captured by the goblins. When Gandalf comes to their rescue, Bilbo gets dropped and knocked out and accidently left behind.
  • Pg. 68-78 Total: 1139

    In these pages, Bilbo comes across Golem who is the only one who knows the way out of the cave and Bilbo wans to find his friends so she plays a game of riddles with Golem. Bilbo also finds a ring but thinks nothing of it at the time. Finally Bilbo wins the game but Golem gets upset and tried to attack Bilbo but Bilbo puts on the ring and realizes that he is invisible so with his luck he makes it out of the cave and past the other goblins in search of the dwarves and Gandalf.
  • Pg. 79-110 Total: 1170

    In these pages, Bilbo wanders in the forest a bit until he finds the dwarves and Gandalf to whom he tells his adventure in the cave to but leaves out the part with Golem and the ring. Afterwards, they all come into a clearing and are suddenly surrounded by Wargs who chase everyone up into the trees. Then some orcs come into the clearing and they set fire to the bottom of the trees but then everyone is rescued by Gandalf's giant eagle friends.
  • Pg. 111-118 Total: 1177

    In these pages, Bilbo wakes up in the clutch of a giant eagle and once they get where they're going the eagles bid them farewell and fly off. The next morning, Gandalf makes a plan to seek help from Beorn who can transform into a bear. He begins to tell Beorn the story of their adventure so far with only Bilbo by his side.
  • Pg. 119-131 Total: 1189

    In these pages, Gandalf continus to tell Beorn of their adventures while each dwarf shows up at a later point in the story. After the story is done, Beorn invites everyone into his house and the next morning he transforms into a bear and goes off to check to see if the story is actually true. When he finds out it is, he returns and offers everyone any help they need on their way to Mirkwood, including horses and food.
  • Pg. 132-154 Total: 1211

    In these pages, everyone makes it to the edge of Mirkwood but Gandalf deciedes to leave them to their own devices there and says farewell. Inside the forest, Bombur accidentally falls into the river and is put under a spell and so the other dwarves must carry him until he wakes. When he does, he speaks of dreams of food and in the distance they see lights so they follow them, but every time they get close they see the elves playing breifly but then all the lights go out.
  • Pg. 155-163 Total: 1219

    In these pages, Bilbo gets seperated from the dwarves and has to wait in the dark until morning. When he wakes he finds himself being spun in a giant web by a giant spider. He kills the spider with his sword and then puts his ring on and distracts the other spiders with a song and then climbs up the tree to free the dwarves. Once everyone is down they all begin to fight and Bilbo tells the dwarves of the ring and that he is going to put it on so they can run and get away.
  • Pg. 164-170 Total: 1225

    In these pages, everyone gets away from the spiders but only to realize that Thorin is missing. Apparently, when they found the wood elves for the third time, they captured Thorin and brought him to the king of the wood elves. The king asks Thorin why he is in the forest but when Thorin will not answer, the king has him put in a dungeon.
  • Pg. 171- 188 Total: 1242

    In these pages, the dwarves are captured and put in dungeons while Bilbo thinks of a plan to get out of the palace. He finally sees his chance and while the guards are drunk he frees the dwarves and stuffs them all in empty wine barrels that will flow down the river into Lake Town. They finally get set off into the river and set sail for Lake Town in their barrels
  • Pg. 189- 195 Total: 1248

    In these pages, the dwarves and Bilbo make it down the river and two elf guards push them the rest of the way to Lake Town. When they arrive, Thorin, Fili, Kili and Bilbo all get out and go greet the people of the town. Once they announce who they are they are given much praise and some of the best rooms and food for the night.
  • Pg. 196- 210 Total:1262

    In these pages, the people of the town sing songs about the dwarves and are sad to see them leave towards the mountain. When they reach it they spend several days looking for the secret entrance with no avail. Finally on a seemingly random night, Bilbo finds steps leading up the mountain and he finds the hidden entrance. It is right then that the moon shines down on the hidden door and shows them the keyhole to which Thorin inserts his secret key and they all slip inside the hiden entrance.
  • Pg 211-231 Total: 1282

    In these pages, Bilbo steald a golden goblet from Samug's treasure and he is furious. They get everyone inside the tunnel just in time because Smaug blasted the entrance with fire just after they got inside. Also, Bilbo goes to talk to Smaug and Smaug learns that they came from Lake Town and that there are 14 people in Bilbo's group.
  • Pg. 232-242 Total: 1292

    In these pages, Bilbo goes out to explore Smaug's treasure while he is gone and finds Thorins prized treasure, the Arkenstone. He tells no one that he's found it though, since his promised share of the treasre was one fourteenth. They have nothing to eat except cram which is a plain sustaining meal given to them by the people of Lake Town.
  • Pg. 243-254 Total: 1303

    In these pages, Smaug flies down to Lake Town and burns a lot of things, but in the end, Bard kills him with and arrow to his one vulnerable spot. After Smaug dies, Bard asks anyone if they will come with him to the city of Dale so he can rule his own kingdom and many agree. Also, Bard and the Elvenking think Thorin is dead so they begin to march to the mountain to claim the treasure.
  • Pg. 255-272 Total: 1320

    In these pages, a raven informs the dwarves of the approach of Bard and the Elvenking and when they arrive, Thorin will let them nowhere near his treasure, even if some of it is theirs. In the middle of the night, Bilbo sneaks out and gives the Elvenking and Bard the Arkenstone so that there will be no bloodshed and they will get their fair share of gold by trading the Arkenstone to Thorin.
  • Pg. 272-303 Total: 1350

    In these pages, Thorin's kin from the Iron Hills come to aid them but what they don't realize is that they are being followed by Wargs and goblins. A huge battle breaks out and just when everyone thinks they're going to lose, Beorn and the eagles show up and drive the Wargs and goblins away. However, Thorin, Fili and Kili were slain in battle and Bilbo bids them farewell as he turns to go back home.