(SM,) Sapphique, Catherine Fisher, 462

  • Pg. 1-12 Total: 454

    In these pages, Attia gathers with a crowd to see a bear dance and afterwards, a magician who calls himself the Enchanter claims to have Sapphique's glove and he awes the crowd.
  • Pg. 13-27 Total: 468

    In these pages, the Enchanter calls for volunteers from the crowd and tells their futures and reads their minds and he calls on Attia and reveals her past and shows her death by killing her and then bringing her back. Also, Finn continues to have fits outside with the servants and Protocol and he just wants to be alone by the lake.
  • Pg. 28- 40 Total: 480

    In these pages, Claudia and Finn attend the queen's banquet where the queen announces that the proclaimation of the heir, Finn, is going to be sooner that before. Also, Jared summons Claudia and says it is urgent and she rushes to his aid. Also, Attia joins the act with the Enchanter to awe people and she learns that he got Sapphique's glove from an old woman in the caves of madness. She wants to get close to him so she can get the glove in order to escape.
  • Pg. 41- 64 Total: 503

    In these pages, Attia travels with the Enchanter and hey decide to travel through a dangerous part of town and they need to keep their eyes open and minds clear so that they will not be fooled by illusions. Also, Claudia finds a note from the queen to Jared and rushes to his room expecting him to be unconsious but when he opens the door she sees that he is fine and starts to laugh from her fear.
  • Pg. 65-72 Total: 510

    In these chapters, Attia follows Rix into the next town they are going to entertain but something is off. Also, Claudia speaks to a member of the Steel Wolves and they tell her that the queen is planning on giving the responsibility of Incarceron to someone else and she is furious.
  • Pg. 73-90 Total: 527

    In these pages, Claudia convinces the Steel Wolves to leave Finn alone and the queen allows Jared to go to the academy to reaserch a cure to his disease. Also, the town that Attia and Rix are in is no normal town and their cheap tricks and gimmicks are craved by the people making the act a very dangerous thing.
  • Pg. 91-112 Total: 548

    In these pages, Attia and Rix discover that the town they're in is a plague town and they need to get out as fast as possible and suddenly Keiro shows up and him and Attia steal the real glove from him. They get trapped in a snowstorm and get surrounded by a creature of Incarceron and barely escape with their lives. Also, Claudia tries to convince Jared that Finn is remembering his past but Jared is skeptical. At Finn's proclamation the "real prince" shows up and challenges Finn about his throne
  • Pg. 122-134 Total: 560

    In these pages, Giles keeps trying to prove that he is the real prince by telling memories of his past and presenting birth certificats and many other documents to prove his word but Finn and Claudia suspect the queen planted him so that Finn won't get the throne.
  • Pg. 135-151 Total: 576

    In these pages, the Warden appears on the screen in the Portal room and talks to Claudia and Finn but doesn't really answer their questions. Attia and Keiro make a bargain with the prison to take them with him when he gets the glove and tries to escape. Also, the queen makes arrangements for a trial to be held against Finn and "Giles" and a banquet is held in honor of "Giles" and Claudia is beginning to be convinced that he is the true prince.
  • Pg. 152-168 Total: 592

    In these pages, Attia and Keiro find a box that they can communicate with Jared with and Attia tells him Keiro's plan with Incarceron but Jared advises against it. Incarceron attacks Attia and Keiro and the box gets destroyed and Jared decides to accept the queen's offer and go to the academy.
  • Pg. 169-195 Total: 618

    In these pages, Jared gives Claudia the small cube on a watch chain and tells her it's Incarceron. Also, Keiro talks to Finn and is still upset that he left them in the prison. Claudia then goes to say goodbye to Jared but on their way back to the palace, Claudia and Finn are attacked.
  • Pg. 196-215 Total: 637

    In these pages, Claudia and Finn are given hospitality by the less fortunate in the Realm and learn how hard it is to live when you don't have the luxuries of the palace. When they get back though, they discover that the portal is on fire and realize that the queen di it. Also, Attia and Keiro try to cross a dangerous bridge but are ambushed by masked girls who worship the Warden and take Keiro prisoner along with the glove but treat Attia a guest.
  • Pg. 216-239 Total: 660

    In these pages, Claudia learns that the queen is going to execute her and Finn after the trial and Jared is secretly searching for information on Incarceron on the computer while the queen thinks he is researching his illness. Also, the girls who captured Keiro and befriended Attia let her speak to the Warden who warns them of the prison's plan.
  • Pg. 240-262 Total: 682

    In these pages, Claudia and Finn plan to escape execution at the masked ball that night and the power starts to flicker giving everyone glimpses of reality. Also, Jared continues to get more information on the prison. Attia frees Keiro and they both get out of the girl's home under the bridge but Attia tries to throw the glove off the bridge so Keiro can't give it to the prison but Keiro catches it and falls forcing the prison to save him and the glove.
  • Pg. 263- 281 Total: 700

    In these pages, Attia and Keiro meett Rix again at the entrance to a cave and he is about to kill them when Keiro says something that causes Rix to make him his apprentice and take them to see the prison. Also, Finn challenges Giles to a duel for the throne of the realm and Claudia stops him from killing Giles but he still gets injured while Finna and Claudia flee.
  • Pg. 282- 293 Total: 711

    In these pages, Attia and Keiro go down the correct tunnel with Rix and Jared escapes his own death by electrocuting his executioner. He rides off into the night and hallucinates that he sees Sappique and that he helps Jared.
  • Pg. 294- 306 Total: 723

    In these pages, Claudia and Finn make their way on horses to her old home where he father's study is, the only other entrance to the portal that the queen doesn't know about. She prepares everyone there for battle because she knows the queen will come to destroy her and the house and everyone inside. Also, Rix continues to lead attia and Keiro down the long tunnel that continuallly gets warmer and warmer.
  • Pg. 307-323 Total: 739

    In these pages, Attia and Keiro and Rix come to what looks like a dead end in the tunnel but quickly find a way over in and proceed into darkness. Also, Jared continues to make his way back to the palace, not knowing the events of the past few days.
  • Pg. 324- 367 Total: 782

    In these pages, the queen's forces arrive at the house but Claudia spends most of her time trying to figure out the portal. Also, Attia and Keiro and Rix come upon a rope that leads upwards and Keiro goes up first with Attia following only to come face to face with the Warden. Him and his men search all three people for the glove but Attia sees where Rix hides it and snatches it while no on is looking. Also, Caspar tries to kill Jared so he captures him and uses him as a bargaining tool.
  • Pg. 368-394 Total: 808

    In these pages, Rix, Attia and Keiro get a glimpse of the body that Incarceron is building and they realize it is the image of ASappique from all the sculptures and paintings in the towns. Also, the queen is informed that Caspar is being held captive and sends in two men to retrieve him and kill Finn but Jared is too quick and beats them at their own game.
  • Pg. 395-409 Total: 812

    In these pages, Keiro puts on the glove as Claudia sits in the chair in the portal and they suddenly switch places. Incarceron is furious that the glove is gone and turns off the power in the prison and in the Realm. They quickly realize that the queen is actually frail and old and she dies withing minutes of the power being cut off. Finn and Keiro then have to battle off the Steel wolves who try and kill Finn.
  • Pg. 410-462 Total: 864

    In these pages, Finn and Keiro try to stop Jared from entering the prison but he locks himself in the portal and speaks to the prison. He awakes to find himself on the body Incarceron made for itself and Claudia recognizes his face. She is confused and Jared tells her to take good care of the Realm and that he will stay in the prison and look after the inmates with her father. He then shows them the way out and she says her final goodbye to her lifelong friend.