Slowheft's History by Amanda M.

By aem1122
  • Slowheft is Discovered

    Slowheft originally was concored by the Russians. So when the Russians discovered Slowheft, they named it Mbl-6bl, or "WeWould." This event happened in August 15, 1827. So in the History textbooks you read in school, they don't include this information. So it used to be under Russia's control when it was found
  • Slowheft has a War

    Slowheft then decides that it want's to break free from Russia's absolute monarchy. They didn't have any laws or rules, so that made them a bit upset, because the Slowheft settlers were a bit orderly. So that lead them into war with Russia. But though the battle was harsh, the Slowheftians cept on fighting for freedom. But a masacre at night in 1860, made Slowheft in a corner. So the Russians had the upper hand until Slowheft decided to attack at full force. And for that they one the battle!
  • Slowheft's revolution

    Slowheft was pretty ,well, slow at evolution at first. It was in 1888 when a settler named Silina Welnom made the first flag. It was presented at the end of the month and everyone liked it. So it stuck. When the first machine to crop thre harvest was made in 1900, everyone was ayestruck. Everyone then wanted to make an invention of some sort. They held a contest to see who could make an invention to change their culture. So it began.
  • Slowheft selects a leader

    "Slowheft Leader, anyone who thinks that they can do it, then get to it!" Are the words said by the "Slowheftians" as they rushed by now up to date houses to others houses. There were actually quite a bit of people who wanted to try. And so they did. They passed through tests, which a number of people dropped out by. Once there was only one person left, they decided to call him the first Slowheft Leader. His name was Ron Kiffle.
  • Slowheft selects a government.

    Slowheft was tired of there being only a leader. So they decided to also have a government. They voted and got the result of what they wanted. 20 days later the citizens found out that they were going to get a limited government with a direct democracy. So here on out everyone got to vote on everything they wanted to .