Slender Man Sightings (Fictional)

Timeline created by Evilgidgit
  • Oct 31, 1284

    The Legend of the Pied Piper

    The legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin comes to life when a possible proxy for the Slender Man removes the rats of Hamelin away. After the townsfolk refuse to pay the proxy, he led all of the children to the Slender Man who disappeared with them.
  • Feb 14, 1437

    Figure in the Fireplace

    In Romania, a woman meets the Slender Man and goes mad, murdering her husband and son before being drawn into the fireplace by the entity where she died.
  • Nov 18, 1540

    Der Ritter

    German artist Hans Hobein, also known as Hans Freckenberg, creates the “Der Ritter”, which is widely considered to be one of the first historical confirmations of the Slender Man. The woodcut was later found in 1883 in an abandoned German castle. Hobein disappeared in 1543.
  • Journal of Despair

    A German man wrote a journal of his son Lars who was kidnapped by the Slender Man.
  • Slender Man and the Brothers Grimm

    The Brothers Grimm encounter the Slender Man whilst travelling through the Black Forest, Germany. Several children disappear from local villages in the following weeks.
  • Cave Paintings

    Cave paintings are created in the Serr da Capivara National Park in north-east Brazil of the Slender Man.
  • Pharaoh Wazner

    Pharaoh Wazner’s son and only heir is taken by the Slender Man. Wazner went mad and chiselled the Slender Man’s form into some hieroglyphics in his palace. The remains were found in 1921.
  • The Fateful Fair

    The Slender Man materialises in a school photograph of a school fair. All of the children present in the photo later died or disappeared.
  • Scottish Highlands

    A group of Scottish soldiers pose for a photograph, with the Slender Man in the background. None of the soldiers were found after the photo was taken.
  • Sebastian's Journal

    Karl Maxwell, a member of the OSS, encounters Nazi officer Sebastian Klaus. Klaus is killed by the Slender Man and Collective member Deadhead. Karl inherits Sebastian's journal which details a record of an unseen historic event involving the Slender Man.
  • The Henderson Farm

    The Henderson House Farm in Tryon, Polk County, North Carolina is rocked by mysterious events. Police found Ted Henderson with his dead wife’s body, having shot her, and his daughter Tracy missing along with the farm’s horses being torn apart. Ted is arrested for his wife’s murder but due to his state, he is institutionalised in Jenkins Mental Hospital, Sandy Plains, Polk County. A photo was taken a week before, showing the Slender Man standing outside the barn.
  • Ted Henderson

    Three years after the events at the farm, Ted is helped out of his state by Dr. Lewis Dauton, learning that the Slender Man tried to take Ted’s family with his wife begging him to kill her. Ted committed suicide at 3am in his cell.
  • Hanging From the Trees

    Seven children disappear in Lake Texoma, Texas. Their bodies are later found hanging from trees, with their innards missing.
  • The Burning School

    Howlsbury Elementary School is Seattle burnt to the ground under mysterious circumstances. Seven students and a teacher died before firefighters arrived. A photographer took a photo of the burning building, and the Slender Man is visible on the roof. Those who saw the Slender Man that day have either vanished or gone into hiding.
  • Missing Children

    Several children and pre-teenagers go missing along with a photographer who left one of the first discovered photographs of the Slender Man.
  • The Interview

    In Morgan County, Tennessee, Thomas Nealy is brought in for questioning over the disappearance of a local girl. Officer Elliot Lee interviewed Nealy who revealed his daughter Jessica had been taken. Both men are attacked by the Slender Man and disappear.
  • The Photo

    In Stirling City, USA, fourteen children went missing on June 13th along with their minder Mary Thomas, whose camera was recovered and another photo was found.
  • The Photo's Discovery

    A week after the events on June 14th, Stirling City's library burns to the ground and the police find the photo.
  • Stirling City Suffers

    Stirling City faces another blow when eight-year old Katrina Elkins disappears on July 12th. Her sister, Alice, claimed the Slender Man took her. Alice herself committed suicide on July 14th by throwing herself off the roof.
  • The Secrets Behind the Painting

    Hans Baldung’s painting “The Three Ages of Women and Death”, painted in 1510, was scanned with x-rays by an Austrian team of analysts, discovering the skeletal figure had several extra limbs beneath the layers of the painting. This discovery was kept secret from the public.
  • Lurking in the Underground

    Two English boys exploring an abandoned London Underground station disappear.
  • Noah Maxwell

    Noah Maxwell is born. He becomes a target for the Slender Man to join the Collective.
  • Into the Woods

    Three campers disappear in the Tenmile Range, Colorado. The men's bodies were found on May 22nd, hanging from tree branches. By May 28th, the police assumed a cult was responsible.
  • Under Lock and Key

    In the American town of Clarkson, West Virginia, the small police force were haunted by the Slender Man whilst investigating the disappearances of local children. The force consisted of Sheriff Jonathan Flake, Deputy Tom Hibbert, Marc Lieberman and Evan Smith. Lieberman and Smith disappeared on the 11th when fog surrounded the police station. By the 14th, Flake went mad. Both died on the 15th, and when help came, Hibbert was missing and Flake was found headless.
  • The Wilkes Estate

    The Slender Man haunts visitors to the Wilkes Estate, England.
  • Amelia and Andrew Hammond

    In Nottingham, England, 6-year old Amelia Hammond went missing and her brother Andrew as a witness. In a recorded interview between his mother Lauren, the police chief Sebastian Cross and psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Derekson, Andrew described the Slender Man. Lauren and Cross stepped outside, but Derekson asked Andrew where he had seen the Slender Man. Andrew screamed and the room went silent. When Lauren and Cross entered, Andrew was gone and Derekson was in a coma.
  • Prediction of Death

    An unnamed 20-year old woman was placed in Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She speaks of the Slender Man and claims her therapist Dr. Harris will die. She disappears from her cell on July 17th. Dr. Harris disappeared on August 30th.
  • The Howards

    Two German children, Nicholas and Stacy Howards, go missing after a photo is taken of them at a playground in Munich. The Slender Man was identified in the photograph.
  • Abandoned School

    Takuhama High School, Kyoto, is abandoned when eight students are killed under mysterious circumstances. Their bodies are found mutilated in the woods and two other students go missing in the following weeks.
  • Into the Woods Again

    Two students hunting in the Steinmen Woods, Switzerland encountered the Slender Man and one was killed. Later investigations revealed twenty-two people had died in the area.
  • Jake Greenwood

    Jake Greenwood, an 8-year old from Wichita goes missing. Beforehand he commented that he was being bothered by the Slender Man.
  • The Sergeant and the Slender Man

    Sergeant Paul Campbell, an Irish policeman, encounters the Slender Man during a walk in the local forest. He investigates the entity and becomes obsessed with it. In November, he was remanded into psychiatric care at a hospital in Galway, Ireland for an acute stress disorder, anxiety and a Panphobia.
  • Mica Mountains Resort

    Three skiers Amanda Fischer, Douglas Bellanger, and Natasha Pierce, disappear whilst on holiday at Mica Mountains Resort, in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Friend Thomas Chambers was interrogated by police but he denied knowing anything. Chambers vanished on January 21st and the body of Amanda’s body in a nearby wood, her body strung up and contorted.
  • Slender Man Goes Viral

    Slender Man is brought to light on Something and becomes an internet phenomenon.
  • Marble Hornets

    As the rumours of the Slender Man sweep the internet, someone by the name of "Jay" begins posting a series of videos online called Marble Hornets, depicting footage of an abandoned student film made by Alex Kralie, in which the Slender Man has appeared numerous times.
  • Everyman HYBRID

    The team Everyman HYBRID post their first video on YouTube, intending for it to be a series of exercise videos. However, the Slender Man begins to appear in the new videos, and occasionally, another creature known as the Rake. As of 2012, most people involved with the team and their investigation are now dead.
  • Tribe Twelve

    Noah Maxwell posts a memorial video on YouTube to his friend Milo Asher who was found dead in his room on May 28th, 2010. Noah investigates and discovers Milo was haunted by the Slender Man. Numerous videos have been posted related to the original.
  • Irish Documentary

    Christian J. Craughwell, an Irish documentarian and paranormal investigator, begins making a documentary on the Slender Man.
  • The Encounter with John Smith

    Craughwell travels to America to meet an anonymous man who claims to have encountered the Slender Man. In Fremont County, Colorado, Craughwell and John Smith venture into the woods. Smith claims the Slender Man is a unique species of cephalopod. They find several toys pinned to trees, and Smith runs off and attacks the Slender Man but is killed. Craughwell flees, briefly spotting the Slender Man from his car.
  • The Asylum of the Slender Man

    Continuing his investigation, Craughwell visits a psychiatric clinic where he meets Dr. Duggan. During their interview, Dr. Duggan explains one of his patients, a 20-year old man named Ray Macguire, who suffered from a severe case of panphobia, and mentioned the Slender Man. The patient committed suicide on December 11th, 2011.
  • The Anonymous Letter

    Craughwell receives an anonymous letter regarding the Slender Man, tracking the site to a local windmill farm. Craughwell does not find anything of interest.
  • Slender the Game

    The Slender Man is placed into a game inspired by the internet phenomenon.
  • Catching Up With Death

    Paul Campbell dies of heart failure, still under psychiatric care. His funeral five days later was a somber affair with many relatives and friends absent.
  • Secrets of the Locker

    Solicitors working on Campbell's behalf give Craughwell a key to a locker in Huston Station, Dublin. The locker contained a letter and map related to Greenwood Quarry. The letter was written by the quarry's owner Jonathan Ackerly, until it was abandoned when men were killed by the Slender Man.
  • Lost in Greenwood

    Craughwell goes missing. His car is found in Greenwood, Ireland.