Significant Inventions of the 2000s

  • Playstation 2 (North America)

    Playstation 2 (North America)
    Developed and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, This is a significant invention because it gave everybody access to an affordable DVD player. At $299, it was less than half the cost of other DVD players, and this one could play games! It was able to be so affordable because it was produced at massive scales.
  • The iPod

    The iPod
    Invented by the team at Apple led by Steve Jobs. This device made portable music significantly better overnight. No more carrying around CDs or Tapes, and it was rechargeable as well! More than that, though, it created the modern digital media landscape we see today. This device got us accustomed to purchasing things digitally and paved the way for everything from Netflix to NFTs.
  • Facebook

    Invented by Mark Zuckerberg. This service connected all of us, perhaps a bit too much even. The modern internet is completely centered around social media platforms and we owe that to Facebook's success.
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    Invented by the team at Apple led by Steve Jobs. The iPhone made the smartphone simple, and permanently changed the mobile phone market. The internet then moved from not only being at our desks but being in the palm of our hands. An entire new avenue of software development was opened up as well.
  • Netflix Internet Streaming for Home Consoles

    Netflix Internet Streaming for Home Consoles
    Invented by the team at Netflix led by Reed Hastings. Netflix's DVD delivery was a great service, and it's streaming library had been running on computers since early 2007. But the moment it entered the living room on the Xbox 360 was the moment the television industry changed. Being easily accessible in the living room, where movies and TV are actually watched, is what got consumers on board with the idea.