Playstation 2

Significant inventions of the 2000s

  • Invention of the Playstation 2

    Invention of the Playstation 2
    Sony released the playstation which was revolutionary because it was the first gaming console to play games and dvds
  • Invention of Facebook

    Invention of Facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg created a network that changed the way we were able to communicate with people across the web
  • Invention of Google Maps

    Invention of Google Maps
    Lars and Jens Rasmussen created the first online system to navigate your way across the world while being able to view the land and area
  • Creation of Macbook

    Creation of Macbook
    Steve jobs created the "lightest, thinnest, and fastest" laptop. I sparked the need for a sleek computer with an expensive price tag
  • Creation of the Ipad

    Creation of the Ipad
    Steve jobs introduced a mini computer to the world. It was a smart tablet that allowed internet access and media access