ship breaker paolo bacigulpi

By J0SH088
  • JP 25 chapters 323 pages

    fiction: survival 0-32; total(32)
    So far the main character nailer has fallen into an oil pit while scavenging a ship.
  • 32-81; total (81)

    Nailer gets out of the oil there is a huge storm and him and pima found a crashed clipper ship.
  • 82-107;total(107)

    Pima and Nailer decide what to do with the crashed clipper and while scavenging it find the owner a rich girl trapped and dying under her bedroom furniture. They end up saving the rich girls life.
  • 107-152;total(152)

    pima and nailer take care of the rich girl. they find out her name Nita. and she says if they spare her life she will have her people take them with them. but then nailers dad and his posse come and crash the party.
  • 27 sep 2012, 152-187; total (187)

    Nailer almost dies due to his cut. he wakes up after passing out and nita says he has been out for 4 days. durinng that time his dad and freinds take over the scavange of the ship. and they all still await the arival of nitas people
  • Sep.29 pg.187-207 total(207)

    Nitas people finally come to get her but then they run away and get on a train to orleans becuase her uncle is chasing them. at first she would not say why but the on the train tells them he is chasing them because he seeks power over her fathers company.
  • Oct.3 207-256 total(256)

    nailer and nita get split up and the capitn of the dauntless rallys a crew to go with nailer through orleans to gather nita.
  • Oct.6 256-278 total(278)

    nailer gets to wherte he told nita to wait and finds tool a dog man who says his dad has taken nita to a ship.
  • Oct.10 278-302

    nailer and the dauntless run from nailers dad and sail twords the teeth in an effort to sink his dads ship.
  • Oct.13 302-323

    they return back to their original ship breaking yard and gather supplies for the dauntless so they can head north to Nitas people. while that is going on pimas mom talks to him and makes him feel better about killing his dad. in hte end the ship is loaded and they are on their way.