Caribbean reef shark


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    mya - The Jurassic Explosion

    mya - The Jurassic Explosion
    This marked the emergence of thousands of sharks that slowly evolved into the species that we see today, including the great white.
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    mya - Dramatic Change

    mya - Dramatic Change
    As many as 95% of species were killed, perhaps due to either a comet impact or volcanic activity. Five major mass extinction events occurred during the past 439 million years.
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    mya - The First Sharks

    mya - The First Sharks
    Over 400 million years ago, innumerable species of bony fish and marine organisms inhabited the Earth's seas.
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    mya - Silurian

    mya - Silurian
    During this time the earliest sharks appeared, as well as the first coral reefs.
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    mya - Ordovician Period

    mya -  Ordovician Period
    The oldest fossilized evidence of prehistoric sharks comes from shark-like scales.
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    mya - Cambrian

    mya - Cambrian
    The Cambrian saw the rise of nearly all modern Phyla. Early invertebrates appeared, including the Trilobites, as well as the first primitive vertebrates.
  • mya - Megalodon

    mya - Megalodon
    The greatest of all sharks inhabited the Earth. The immense beast could reach 65 feet in length and could weigh 30 tons, comparable to an average-sized sperm whale.
  • Selling of shark fins banned

    Selling of shark fins banned
    A federal court in San Francisco issued a ruling upholding landmark legislation prohibiting the sale of shark fins in California.
  • mya - Orodvician

    mya - Orodvician
    First jawed fish made their appearance. They are the ancestors of both bony fish and sharks.
  • mya - More Complete Fossil

    mya - More Complete Fossil
    This includes a fossilized shark braincase, possibly a Xenacanth, found in Australia. Other remains of this or similar species have been found in Antartica and Saudi Arabia.
  • mya - Proterozoic

    mya - Proterozoic
    The first advanced single-celled life appeared, as well as early multi-cellular life forms.
  • mya - Archean

    mya - Archean
    Earliest life forms appear, which included basic bacteria and cynobacteria.
  • mya - Hadean

    mya - Hadean
    The formation of the Earth occured and silver shark fossils were found.