Shark boy and Lava girl

Timeline created by Peter.L
In History
  • Shark Boy introduces himself

    Shark Boy is telling his origin, on how he was a shark, He was originally a shark because his dad died and then he was raised by sharks.
  • Lava Girl Introduction

    She is a girl who is made of fire and lava
  • Transition

    Then it shows a transition of the boy named, Max closing the book, so it is like his imagination and fantasy.
  • Bully

    He then faces a bully who makes fun of the book/diary of his writing about Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Who the boy takes the book.
  • Tornado

    When the bully takes the boys book, a tornado comes out of no where, and that's when the fantasy from the book comes to life, Shark boy and Lava girl come to take Max to save the world because something is wrong in the fantasy world.
  • Fantasy Island

    When he gets there, the book is what is creates his fantasy island. The fantasy island has mostly collapsed and Shark boy and Lava girl and Max, have to save the Fantasy Island.
  • Problems

    They have to pass a series of challenges because they need to reach the "Queen" which is Max's crush. They find out they need the book to make it the easiest to realize that Max's Bully had taken it. The teacher, who was the mean teacher from Max's book, has actually been turned into a maniac and the person who creates electrical monsters.
  • Solution

    Shark boy and Lava girl find out that Max can daydream and spawn stuff with his mind, but it is too hard for Max to do that because there are mosters on his tail.
  • Lava Girl Problem

    Lava girl has a hard time controlling her anger, or controlling her flames, which then makes it harder for them to find the solution or to so the solution.
  • The Queen

    They then find the "Ice Queen" which is Max's crush and then they reach out to her, but they have to fight a series of "Ice Guards" because they were blocking the way of talking to the Queen.
  • Ice Heart

    They finally got the Ice Heart, and now all they needed to do was repair the world, but they had one slight problem, They figure out that Max had changed the book and made him the strongest person in the "Fantasy world"
  • The fight

    Max captures them in a cage, and then Shark boy got the chance and bit out of the cage, the bully then starts antagonizing Max with rubbing the book in his face, and then they decide to fix all of this fuss with talking it out, and it worked