• Francesco Redi

    Francesco Redi
    Is an Italian physician and poet, made the first serious attack on the idea of spontaneous generation in 1668. In one glass jar Redi placed a piece of raw meat inside, exposing the orifice through which he placed the meat. In a second glass jar Redi placed a piece of raw meat inside, covering the entrance hole with a thin layer of gauze. In a third glass jar, Redi placed a piece of raw meat, covering the opening with a lid, in an airtight manner.
  • John Needham

    John Needham
    Isn an English clergyman called John Needham claimed that spontaneous generation could occur and performed what he considered the definitive experiment.
    John Needham's experiment consisted of placing broth in a bottle, heating it and then sealing it. Days later, Needham found the presence of life and eventually announced that life had been created from non-living material. This supported the incorrect idea that life could come from non-living things.
  • Lazzaro Spallanzani

    Lazzaro Spallanzani
    Lazzaro Spallanzani was born in 1729 and was die in 1799, it was an Italian priest, did not agree with Needham’s conclusions, however, and performed hundreds of carefully executed experiments using heated broth.
  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur
    Louis Pasteur, the French scientist, His experiment consists of a several bottles with S-curved necks that were oriented downward. Pasteur placed a broth in a long-necked vessel, which he then bent into an S-shape. He boiled the broth to remove the microbes, and by keeping the vessel upright, preventing the opening from coming into contact with air currents that could reintroduce the microbes into the broth, no life appeared in the broth.