science timeline

By atrain7
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  • mariner

    the objective was to get more ionfomration from mars. they found out that mars has no magnetic field. it also studied venus and mercury.
  • viking

    v1 launched on augest 20 1975 entered orbit on june 19th 1976. stopped working in1982. v2 launched on september 9th 1975. stopped working in 1980.
  • Hubble Space telescope

    it cost about 200 million dollars. it launched in 1977 this happened in 1962, 1965, 1969. they wanted to know what was outside of earth.
  • the second voyager

    the second voyager was supposed to study saturn but crashed and lost most of its information because of the crash. the total cost was about 865 million dollars again
  • first voyager

    the voyager one was to study jupiter. it cost 8654 million dollars. NASA created the voyager probes.
  • cassini space program

    completed the equinox mission and was supossed to collect data form saturn. The U.S payed for about 80% of the cassini space program
  • pioneer program

    the pioneer 10 was able to make direct observations of jupiter. jupiter is about 8 billion miles away. p10 launched on april 5 1978.
  • space shuttles

    their goalwas to get information about the moon. there base was located in florida.
  • MIR pace staions

    is was an important base that was in orbit and there was a crew that stayed inside the space staion.
  • Magellan

    launched on may 4 1989. orbital instertion augest 10th 1990 the mission lasted 4 years. first spacecraft to go into orbit and get out of it. they wanted to know more about an orbit.
  • The Galileo spacecraft

    discovered jupiters four major moons. cost about 1.6 billion dollars, spent six years in space. launched on october 18th 1989
  • N.E.A.R

    first space probe to ever orbit. Luanched Feb 17, 1996. its object was to know about the orgin of orbit.
  • the genesis spacecraft

    it was the first spacecraft to ever colect solar wind. spent 1127 dyas in space. the total cost was about 164 million dollars.
  • Venera probes

    Vi launched on feb 12 1961. V3 launched on november 16th 1965, they wanted to coloect data samples from the moon and a few other planets.