Science Presentation

  • Mercury/Sputnik/Gemini

    Man-Made Satellites
    Sputnik was made by Russia
    Mercury and Gemini were made by the USA
    America was the first to go up to space.
  • Pioneer Program

    1958-1978 (10 Years)
    All 13 missions were successful.
    They were unmanned probes that were made to go to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and the Sun.
  • Period: to

    Important Dates in Space Exploration

  • The Venera Space Program

    They were Probes launched by the Soviet Union, they were unmanned space crafts.
    16 missions (3 fails, 2 orbits, 6 landers, 3 probes, 2 orbitters and landers)
    Lasted 20 Years
  • Mariner

    Probes were sent out to orbit Mars, Venus, Mercury.
    7/10 were successful
    Europe and USA were both involved
  • Mars Viking Probes

    Probes were sent to Mars, they got the first HD pictures of Mars.
    2 failed attempts
  • The Voyager Launch

    Voyager 1 was the first man-made object to enter space
    Gathers sights and sounds, and also collects informations on stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, etc.
  • The Space Shuttle

    First reusable space shuttle
    135 missions before retirement
  • Galileo Spacecraft

    Sent to see Jupiter
    Found Jupiter had 16 moons
    Probe was released 1995
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    Sent out to orbit Venus
    Found that Venus has
    Flat Volcanoes
    No Techtonic Plates
    Lava Flowing
  • The Hubble Space Telescope

    Giant Telescope
    Observed Pluto's moon's in Great Detail
    Takes 97 minutes for one revolution
  • The N.E.A.R Spacecraft

    First Spacecraft to orbit an asteriod
    N ear
    E arth
    A steriod
    R endevous
  • The Cassini Mission

    The Cassini Mission was to send an orbiter to Saturn to study its atmosphere, rings, and it's moons. It landed on TItan, the main moon of Saturn.
    This mission ended July 2008
  • Space Stations (Mine)

    ISS (International Space Station)
    Been in orbit for about 5245 days since 1998
    World Project involving The US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and The European Space Station
    Used to Study Space
  • Genesis Spacecraft

    Sent to collect Solar Wind which is pieces of sun
    Unmanned, and crashed landed because of parachute failure
  • Mars Rover

    Active Rovers
    Found evidence of Water (to help find life)
    Participated in the Space Race,Launched by America