Science Exploration Timeline

  • Period: to

    Science Exlporation

  • Soviet Union sucessfully launched Sputnik

  • NASA was passed by Congress

  • Pioneer 0 was launched

  • Sputnik led to the creation of NASA

  • NASA announced Project Mercury

  • Selection Committee decides on the men of Mercury 7

  • The men of Mercury 7 were announced to the world.

  • Yuri Gagarin was the first man to orbit the Earth.

  • Verena's probes reached Venus

    Made to withstand high temperatures/pressure.It was created by the Soviet Union.
  • This program was offically designated Gemini

  • Launch of John Glenn in Friendship 7

    First American human orbital flight.
  • Start of Mariner Program

    Went to 1973. Made to invesigate Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The cost was about 554 million.
  • Last mission of Mercury 7

    Launch of Gordon Cooper in Faith 7
  • First manned Gemini flight. (Gemini III)

  • Pioneer sucessfully launced a probe into space

    It cost about 350 million dollars.
  • Venera 3 Crash Landed

  • First Moon Walk (Apollo 11)

    John F. Kennedy had put the challenge of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade.
  • Skylab Space Station Launched

    Cost was 2.2 billion. Objective was to learn how humans need to live in space and was designed to be occupied by a crew for extended periods of time
  • Viking 1 is launched

    Started orbiting on June 19, 1976 and landed on July 20, 1976.
  • Viking 2 is launched

    • Started orbiting on August 7, 1976
    • Landed on September 3rd, 1976
    • Lasted data collected on April 11, 1980
  • Voyager 2 was launched

    July 9, 1979 it made its closet approach to Jupiter, August 25, 1981 to Saturn.
  • Voyager 1 was launched

    It was to explore giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn.
  • First Space Shuttle launched

    Discover was launched on August 30, 1985. Endeavor was launched on May 2, 1962. The cost was around 2.1 billion dollars.
  • MIIR Space Station is launched

  • Magellan Spacecraft Launced

    It was launched by Kennedy Space Center. It took 94 minutes to orbit Venus. Costed 551 million dollars.
  • Galileo was launched

    It's purpose was to study Jupiter and its moons.
  • Hubble Space Telescope launched

    It lasted 22 years and still is in space. It orbits Earth at 5 miles per second and takes pictures od deep space.
  • Cassini probes landed on Titan

    Probe was equipped with six instruments to study Titan
  • Galileo releases its probe into Venus's atmosphere

  • N.E.A.R. launched

    Designed to study near Earth asteroids 223 Eros. Learned that the Eros surface actually collapsed.
  • Cassini was Launched

  • Voyager 2 was made most distant object in space

  • Cassini's Venus Flyby

  • International Space Station Launched

    16 countires were involved with this space station and the cost was around 150 billion.
  • Cassini Earth's flyby

  • Cassini's Jupiter Flyby

  • Genesis Spacecraft Launced

  • Mars Exploration Rovers Launced

    The other twin was launched on July 7, 2003. The total cost was 820 million. Project ran from 1971-2013. There was 38 tries to Mars.
  • End of Galileo's mission.

    Galileo returns with more than 14,387 pictures of Jupiter and its moons.
  • Genesis has crash landing

    The parachutes did not work and caused a crash landing. The scientists were able to gather a couple of the samples.