• theirs a hair in my dirt

    i learned that worms are decomposer and that eagels try and kill their siblings so they can have all of the food for them self
  • biotic abiotic

    biotic is something that is living ((ex)me)
    abiotic is something that was living ((ex)a corps)
  • beendiagram

    i compared 3 things for exampale i comaped mr.wood and hair and there are both hairy
  • Atrophic Energy Levels

  • planit earth movie

    i learned that only one certen kind of monkey can climb a mt. that has a lot of rock only because they have really good stragth in their thumbs
  • Earth's resources

  • physical propertys

    things that floot or sink
  • chemical propertys

    it is water resistance, it can be flamable,
  • is windness phisocal property or chemical property

    it is a chemical property because the wind is not a phisical it is a chemical baceuse they are something in the sky
  • chemichal phicisical propertys

    it is flamible and it has a really fast reation time
  • phisical changes

    i know about phisical changes is that it
  • phisical changes

    something that i learned today is that iadine disolves suger, salt, and bakingsodda but flour turns black its really cool
  • Adoms

    i learned that scientests are really crazy back than.
  • phisical