• There's a Worm in My Dirt!

    There's a Worm in My Dirt!
  • Venn Diagram

    Venn Diagram
    We categorized subjects into three categories, edible, living, and smooth things. We then stated the similarties between all three categories.
  • Planet Earh Video-Mountains (Sub)

    Planet Earh Video-Mountains (Sub)
    I learned a lot about the animals and the mountains all over the world. I also learned more about how each animal affects the ecosystem. I thought it was really interesting to learn cool details and facts from the movie.
  • Population -Canvas (Sub)

    Population -Canvas (Sub)
    I learned how big the classroom is :) and how population can effect the ecosystem and the way that nature thrives and continues to grow.
  • Resources

    I learned that even though people may not realize the damage they are doing people are constantly degrading the environment.
  • College

    What does it mean to act like a college student?
    It means to be responsible, respectful, and mature.
  • Physical Properties

    Today I sorted my objects into " Circular Things" and "Colorful Things"
  • Physical/Chemical Property

    A chemical property of the object that I picked is . . . FLAMABLE.
  • How Can You Tell What Chemical Properties a Substance Has?

    When a substance changes into a new substance.
  • Physical Changes I Observed Today

    Cut paper, cut apple and orange,
  • Gaseous Physical and Chemical Change

    You can tell when something goes through a gaseous chemical change because substances are mixed together to create something new and it smells different. You can tell when something goes through a gaseous physical change because you can reverse the mixture and it smells the same.
  • What Particle Determines what an Element is?

    Protons! :)
  • What Particle Determines an Ion? Isotope?

    The particle that determines an ion is the protons. The particle that determines an isotope is the neurtons.
  • What do the columns represent on the periodic table?

    When they are in the same group it means that they have similar properties. When they are in the same column they have the same amount of electrons on each circle.