sci lit web Yunseok Choi

  • Birthday/ vaccines

    Birthday/ vaccines
    vaccineAfter I was born, I got vaccine shots so that I'm immune to some common diseases. This helped me not get sick. Without this biotechnology, many babies would die from the diseases.
  • Period: to

    My life

  • Vitamin pills

    Vitamin pills
    vitaminI had my first vitamin pills like calcium pills and daily vitamin pills. Vitamins help humans get the vitamins that they need every day. Our food might not give us all the needed amount of vitamins, so we take pills to keep us healthy.
  • Zoo

    I went to the zoo for the first time. I really enjoyed it. Due to the advanced biotechnology, The zoo can contain and maintain more animals.
  • Genetically engineered food

    Genetically engineered food
    Genetically engineered foodI read about genetically engineered food. I saw some at a store. I never ate them, but I was facinated by the "new" food. In 1998, 30% of the U.S. soybean, cotton and corn crops are products of genetic engineering.
  • Bone fracture

    Bone fracture
    broken boneI fractured my arm once when someone pushed me out of the bus. Biotechnology helps people heal better.
    bone fracture
  • Avian Flu

    Avian Flu
    avian flu
    Avian flu made many people sick and some died. Because of this, i wasn't able eat any chicken. However there were ways to treat the people who were sick because of the advanced medicine.
  • Braces

    I got braces to align my teeth better. Improvement in biotechnology helps us look better without that much of a problem.
  • Swine flu

    Swine flu
    swine fluWhen the swine flu viruse arrived at US, many people got sick and some died. Few months later, the government created a vaccine for swine flu. I got the shot for the vaccie and did not get sick.
  • Genetically engineered salmon

    Genetically engineered salmon
    Super salmon
    In the news, I saw a genetically modified salmon. FDA was testing the salmon to see if it is safe to eat. I think it is cool to make a salmon that is a lot bigger than it's original size.
  • dentist

    I went to the dentist to get something called sealant. It is applied to my teeth and it prevents food particles from sticking to my teeth. Biotechnology helps us be healthier.