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Saroyan Hero Project By: Neena Aivazian

  • Picked my Hero, Armenian Author William Saroyan

    Picked my Hero, Armenian Author William Saroyan
  • Found Memoir and Biography for William Saroyan

    the first one is Saroyan: A biography written by Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee
    The second is a memoir he wrote called: Here Comes There Goes You Know Who written by Saroyan himself.
    Fun Fact: William Saroyan was awarded the Pullitzer Prize but declined the award saying that books should not be judged on commerce, i believe that this book is the same quality as the rest of my books.
  • Articles found

  • First Book Arrives

    First Book Arrives
    the first book arrived from Amazon on monday, it was the biography written by two different authors
  • Reading

    i read the first 23 pages, the font is small. So about two maybe three normal fonted pages are put on one pavge
  • Reading

    i am at page 40
  • Hero Slideshow

    hero characteristics:
    sacrifice themselves, influential, changed the world, save someone else's life and are inspirational
  • 2nd Book Arrives

    2nd Book Arrives
    There Comes Here Goes You Know Who, has finally arrived in the mail.
  • Read Saroyan a Biography

    Up till page 115
  • Read to Page 135 in Saroyan a Biography

  • Hero Definition

    What i think is a hero is someone who will benefit a group of people, but does so by having nothing to gain and nothing to loose.
    William Saroyan fits this example because even though he enriched the population with his work his money sadly was funneled mostly into gambling. So most of the profit gained from his works was lost. Although he lived a semi comfortable life, Saroyan was known for his hot headedness or his humble hospitality or old school charm. An example in next post no more space.
  • Hero Definition Continuation

    Saroyan walked into a highclass bar, when he walked inside he was seen with greasy fried prawns. As he sat down the customers in the bar started to stare at him. He turned to the customers and offered them some prawns.