• Invention of the Sandwich

    Invention of the Sandwich
    John Montagu, an obsessive gambler, invented the sandwich after instructing his chef to prepare a meal that would not interfere with his game
  • Plain Sandwiches

    Plain Sandwiches
    Cut ham or tongue very thin, trim off the fat, and cut the bread thin; spread it with very nice butter; lay meat on very smoothly. Press the other slice on very hard; trim the edges off neatly.
  • Canape

    Crustless sandwiches. Made in France
  • Club

    Lots of fillings. Two slices of toast
  • The first BLT recipe

    The first BLT recipe
    Cut white bread in 1/4 in. slices, lightly toast slices on one side. Spread untoasted side with mayonnaise dressing; cover half the slices with peeled and thinly sliced firm tomatoes, spread tomatoes with mayonnaise and cover with thin slice of broiled bacon. Cover bacon with lettuce leaves and remaining slices of bread. Cut in triangles and serve with sweet gherkins.
  • Grilled Cheese

    Grilled Cheese
    grilled bread and cheese
  • Horseshoe Sandwich

    Horseshoe Sandwich
    Joe Schweska created the first Horseshoe at the Old Leland Hotel in 1928.
  • Breadless Sandwiches

    Breadless Sandwiches
    Usually bread was substituted for things like eggplant
  • Dagwood Sandwich

    Dagwood Sandwich
    From the comic Strip Blondie. Invented by Chic Young
  • Tuna melts

    Tuna melts
    People started putting tuna on sandwiches
  • The Many Sandwiches we know and Love Today

    The Many Sandwiches we know and Love Today
    Sandwiches have come a long way