Samantha's Geologic Timeline

  • Cambrian Period (570-500 MYA)

    Multicellular lifeforms flourish on planet earth; and all the continents are formed together to create PANGAEA.
  • Ordovician Period (500-435 MYA)

    Invertebrates and fish dominate the ocean at this point in time and continue to evolve. However, the end of this period was marked by a mass extinction
  • Silurian Period (435-395 MYA)

    The earliest plants and animals develope here. Also, Tiktaalik and Eurypterids develop.
  • Devonian Period (395-345 MYA)

    In this period, amored fish go extint, but there is an abundance of other fish species. Early amphibians and ammonites develop.
  • Carboniferous Period (345-280 MYA)

    (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian)
    Abundant sharks and amphibians are present along with large swamps and col-forming forests. Also the earliest reptiles and seed ferns form.
  • Permian Period (280-225 MYA)

    This era is marked by the extinction of many types of marine animals, including Trilobites.
  • Triassic Period (225-195 MYA)

    The earliest dinosuars develop. There is an abndant amount of cycads and conifers.
  • Jurassic Period (195-136 MYA)

    The earliest birds and mammals form, also there is an abundance of dinosaurs and ammonites.
  • Cretaceous Period (136- 65 MYA)

    The earliest flowering plants form, and the dinosuars reach thier climax, followed by their extinction. Along with this, there is a great decline of brachiopods, and an abundance of bony fish.
  • Tertiary Period (65-1.8 MYA)

    The earliest placental mammals form, along with modern mammals, and large running animals.
  • Quaternary Period (1.8 MYA-Present)

    Large carnivores are present, along with neanderthals, humans, and mastodons.