Russian revolution of 1917

Russian Revolution

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    Russian Revolution

  • Rasputin Assassinated

    Rasputin Assassinated
    On the day of December 16, 1916, excuters led Rasputin down into a basement and fed him food that was filled with large amounts of cyanide that was enough to kill five people, according to legend he survived the posioning and the killers had to find another way to kill Rasputin. One of the killers then quickly shot Rasputin through the back with a revolver and left the scene. After shooting him again and still living they threw him in the river where he finally drowned.
  • Tsar abdicates

    Tsar abdicates
    After long months of fighting the Tsar of Russia, Nicolas had no other choice but to abdicate to his throne. Nicolas had wanted his brother Grand Duke Michael to be the next monarch. The Grand Duke declined saying he wanted a vote to see if it was okay by the people if he could take the throne. This did not go through and the rule of monarchy had ended in Russia.
  • Tsar Family Murder

    Tsar Family Murder
    On the day of July 17, 1918, the former Russian Royal Family was lead down to the basement of the house they had been forced to stay in. The orders of the family's murder reportly came down from Vladimir Lenin himself who was the new lead of the country. The family was murdered very brutally as Nicholas was shot and killed first and the rest of the family survived a wave of bullets towards them and then stabbed to death with bayonets until killed by a close range shot to a head.