(RS )Black and White by Paul Volponi , fiction 200 pages

Timeline created by rachel nichole
  • Chapter 1-5 Ficton

    in these 5 chapters a white boy named eddie russo and a black boy named marcus brown are best friends, almost like blood brothers. Marcus and eddie are trying to make it through life just like anybody else. they live in the projects and their famlies are struggling to pay bills. When things get really rough marcus and eddie take eddie's grandfathers gun and start to robb people. Then things get really serouse and they shoot someone.
    NON-FICTION 1-42 pages;total (42)
  • 50-100

    in these next pages black and white are playing in their big game and college's are their and they are watching but during half time black (marcus) is arrested because the man they shot identified him. white took a sholership to st johns. after this marcus broke bail and then a women that they robbed identified eddie and eddie was arrestes
  • 100-130

    in these pages black and white go on with their life but eddie is indicted! they play their games and they do goood and white still takes his schoolership at st johns.
  • 130 to 150

    black is mad that white took the sholarship and so is blacks mom but sooner or later the cops find out who else shot the man and it led to white. So white was arrested at his house and his mom and sister were crying. But when white broke bail he got home and he threw the gun in the river so no one would ever find where he put it.