Ronni Hallett, Shaley Huag and Hope Micheli

By hreyes
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson overturned

    The court's decision overturned the plessy vs. ferguson ruling that had establihed the "seperate but equal" doctrine
  • The supreme cour

    The supreme court had to offer equal educational opertunities to every state.
  • Committee on civil Rights

    President Truman created the committee on civil rights to study Racial discrimination, and to suggest solutions to the problem.
  • NAACP focuses on ending segregation in public schools

    The NAACP had to focus it's legal efforts on ending segregattion in public schools.
  • The supreme court ruled the sweatt v. painter

    The supreme court ruled in sweatt v. painter that the new school did not provide african americans with equal academic prestige facilities or instructors.
  • Supreme court vs. brown of education illegal

    The supreme court said that in the brown vs. board of education case segregation was illegal.
  • Only three school districs in the south begin to desegregate

    Only Three school districs in the entire south began to desegregate.
  • Supreme orders public schools to desegregate

    The supreme court made its ruling stronger ordering public schools to desegregate.
  • Naacp plan to challenge the bus system

    The Naacp helped to plan a challenge to montgomery's bus segregation system.
  • Montgomery bus system said illegal

    The supreme court rules that the montgomery segregation bus system was illegal.
  • The school board selects nine african american students to go to central high

    The school board selects nine oustanding African american students to attend central High school.
  • Ernest Green first to graduate from central high

    Ernest Green becomes the first African american to Graduate from High school.