Ronald Reagan

By Elip
  • Ronald Reagan's Birth

    Ronald Reagan's Birth
    Ronald Regan was born on Feb 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois
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  • Reagans movie career

    Reagans movie career
    In 1937 Ronald Regan had a screen test in Hollywood and got an acting contract. He was in 53 films over the next 20 years.
  • Reagan as Governor

    Reagan as Governor
    In 1966 Ronald Regan was elected as the 33rd governor of California and re elected in 1970.
  • Reagan as President

    Reagan as President
    In 1980 Ronald Regan won the Republican Presidential Nomination, He was the 40th President.
  • Reangan get shot

    Reangan get shot
    On Jan 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan was in office to be the president, 69 days later he was shot but he recovered and was more popular than ever.
  • Ronald reagan re-elected

    Ronald reagan re-elected
    He was re-elected in 1984 and Bush was the vice president at the time.
  • Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher

    Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher
    Margret Thatcher the Brittish Priminister met with Reagan they helped to transform the East West standoff. conservitives economic forms and the cold war success is what Reagan is remember for.
  • income tax overhaul

    income tax overhaul
    In 1986 he was responsible for overhaul on income tax codes it helped millions of low income people
  • Tear down the wall

    Tear down the wall
    Reagan went to the Berlin wall and told "Mr Gorbachev, Tear down this wall" it happened Jun 12, 1987. The soviet empire collapes in late 1989.
  • Nuclear peace treaty

    Nuclear peace treaty
    "Peice through strength "was what Reagan said about foreign policy. He met with soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to negotiate a treaty that would eliminate intermediate range nuclear missiles.
  • Reagan's book

    Reagan's book
    Ronald Regan published his only book in 1990 called An American Life.
  • Ronald Reagan's Death

    Ronald Reagan's Death
    Ronald Regan died at the age of 93 from of pneumonia as a complication of Alzheimer's desease.