Romanian Revolution

  • Romanain Government: Before Revolution

    Romanain Government: Before Revolution
    President Nicolae Ceaușescu started an program designed to enable Romania to liquidate its entire national debt of $10 billion. To succeed, many basic goods including gas, heat, and food were rationed. In turn, the standard of living in Romania was dramatically reduced, and increased malnutrition and the infant mortality grew to be the highest in Europe. It was a communistic presidency that did not have much support from Romanian people; and for good reason. Other decision also led to his demise
  • Protests In Timisaora

    Protests In Timisaora
    Citizens of Romania began to protest against their leader in the city of Timisaora
  • Breaking and Entering

    Breaking and Entering
    Protest continued leading people to break into the district building and destroy documents
  • Ceausescu Flees Romania

    Ceausescu Flees Romania
    Ceausescu had a plan to fly to Iran, to meet with their leader. Despite the protests, he left anyway, to get away from the trouble.
  • Forcing an End to Protests

    Forcing an End to Protests
    Police began to attack protesters that broke laws, many believe they did not give adequate warning
  • Another Attempt to End Protests

    Another Attempt to End Protests
    Ceausescu's political men tried to get the protesters to return to work but it was not successful
  • Ceausescu Returns

    Ceausescu Returns
    Ceausescu makes his return from Iran, to a disorganized nation. He makes a televised speech, from a Central Committee Building, talking about how protests were an interference in peace.
  • Attempt to Take Ceausescu

    Attempt to Take Ceausescu
    The protesters in Bucharest broke into Ceausescu's personal office, destroying things in their path.Lucky for Ceausescu, his helicopter was on his roof, and he got away to safety.
  • The End of Ceausescu

    The End of Ceausescu
    Nicolae Ceausescu was caught, and arrested by local police. They were then tried, and found guilty. Moments after they were prounounced guilty, men came in, and tied up the two. They were then executed by firing squad, leaving Romania free of a disruptive leader.
  • Romanian Government: Post Revolution - Iliescu Takes Office

    Romanian Government: Post Revolution - Iliescu Takes Office
    After the Revolution, Ion Iliescu took office as the new Romanian President. He started to transition the government style into Social Democracy: he wanted to progress, through social reforms, from capitalism to socialism. Romania adopted a new constitution in 1991; people like him because he opposed the oppression of Ceaușescu and had the revolutionary mindset that people needed for change. Romania's people had become happier and had grown to be proud of where they come from.