Roman Republic

By Gelo
  • 367

    Plebian Consul

    Plebian  Consul
    In 367 B.C.E. a law was passed that stated that one of the two consuls had to be a plebian. In passing this law, the plebians were now inducted into the Senate. Consuls were saved seats in the Senate.
  • 451

    The Twelve Tables

    The Twelve Tables
    The patricians let the plebians elect a group of people called Tribunes of the Plebs. These tribunes spoke for the plebians in the government. Over the years, the number of tribunes changed from two to ten and they got the power to veto actions by government officials and the Senate. In 451 B.C.E. the patricians gave in to the plebians pleas to have written laws. The laws were then written on tablets called the Twelve Tables.
  • Jan 1, 616

    Etruscan Rule

    Etruscan Rule
    From 616 B.C.E. to 509 B.C.E, the Etruscans ruled all of Rome. There were two social classes, the patricians and the plebians. The patricians were wealthier, upper-class citizens while the plebians, were poor, lower-class citizens. 95% of the Romans were plebians. The plebians fought in the army but had a paltry amount of power.
  • Patrician Republic

    Patrician Republic
    In 509 B.C.E the patricians grew tired of Etruscan rule. They rebelled and made a republic. They made a Senate of 300 patricians and had two consuls (commanders of the army). Rome was more democratic, but only the patricians were involved in the government.
  • The Conflict of the Orders

     The Conflict of the Orders
    Since the laws were not written, the patricians had the ability to change them to benefit themselves. The plebians did not like this. In 494 B.C.E. the plebians started the Conflict of the Orders. The Conflict of the Orders was when the plebians marched on to a nearby hill and camped there. Without the plebians, the patricians had no food and were vulnerable to attack.
  • Plebian Make Roman Laws

    Plebian Make Roman Laws
    In 287 B.C.E. the plebians gained the power to create laws for all Romans. Over 200 years, the plebians had fought to gain equality. Now they had it.
  • Period: to May 11, 616

    Roman Republic