Rolveran History

  • Period: to

    The Era of Apocalypse

    The Great Weapons of Evil return to the world and cause devastation on a great scale, especially the Great War of Alchiar. They are eventually destroyed by the Sentinels.
  • Unification of Razakar

    Zharkir and Rajhdan reunify into the new nation of Razakar, ending the Great War of Alchiar.
  • Period: to

    First Council of Layfall

    Layfall forms its first government since its revolution. The government is poorly organized and goes through repeated revision over the course of its lifespan.
  • Formation of Majhad

    Razakar forms a satellite state in former Harbayn named the Dukedom of Majhad. As per their agreement with Orikoris Divolchev, the region is reasonably autonomous and Razakar is generous with their aid in the years of its inception.
  • King Abel II of Ganvalia

    King Abel II rises to the Ganvalian throne under dubious circumstances. With this, Ganvalia is a puppet state of Maradan in all but name.
  • Period: to

    Invasion of the Greylight Plains

    Maradan slowly begins expanding into the Greylight plains, taking territory from the tribes there at a near-constant pace. The tribes eventually militarized as any other way of living was stripped from them; by 5752, Maradan had control over the entire region. The savannas are very difficult to police, however, and large pockets of resistance and nomadic communities remain to this day, attempting to undo what has already been done.
  • Collapse of the Goldwood

    The Goldwood disintegrates after the assassination of Queen Velia's only heir.
  • The New Republic of Harbayn

    Revolutionaries take over Fallspine point after the collapse of the Goldwood and form the New Republic of Harbayn.
  • Period: to

    The Harbayn Wars

    The war-devastated southern tip of Alchiar falls back into violence with the rise of New Harbayn, with the revolutionaries there engaging in on-and-off warfare with the Dukedom of Majhad.
  • Period: to

    Second Council of Layfall

    After frustrations with the First Council boil over, the government is entirely scrapped. A number of old merchants attempt to claim power in the new government, claiming they have more experience in political matters; the people's tolerance for them is thin and it ends in another revolution.
  • Formation of Ichorcia

    Goldtongue and Bladecove officially form the island nation of Ichorcia, with Prospera as its capital. Orla Beren is its first prime minister.
  • Period: to

    King Roran I of Layfall

    Fed up with the instability, the people of Layfall attempt to elect a monarch. Though his charisma won him the throne, Roran I proved to be inept at handling the pressures of government and the people quickly abandoned the idea, removing him from power.
  • Period: to

    The Pride Wars

    Maradan, emboldened by its successes in the Greylight Plains, launched a simultaneous campaign in the east against the Tabaxi of the Eastern Jungles. They found far less success here, however; most of their forces were stretched thin across the Greylight Plains, and the Tabaxi had prepared themselves well for war. Maradan's eastern border has seen constant, moderate warfare over the past decades, with neither side gaining permanent ground.
  • Period: to

    Third Council of Layfall

    Layfall tries another representative council. The stability is better, but its governance is inconsistent with frequent changing of officials and laws.
  • Period: to

    Invasion of the Mudwood

    Shortly after the conquest of the Greylight Plains, Maradan moved in to capture the Mudwood. The lizardfolk tribes there received no outside aid, unlike those of the Greylight Plains; after their involvement with the Scourges of Murkport, many people around Rolvera saw them as non-people and left them to fend for themselves. The lizardfolk were quickly overrun; the Glasspeak Kingdoms used the time to attempt to re-bolster their own forces.
  • The Death of Ambassador Frostmaw

    After his service to the sentinels, Kath Frostmaw returned to Talamar and continued his role as its primary ambassador. After the death of his master Thar, he left Talamar and traveled the world for many years. He eventually returned to his home and served as an instructor at the monastery until he passed quietly in his sleep. He is the first and only of the sentinels to leave the mortal world.
  • Period: to

    Invasion of the Glasspeak Kingdoms

    To the present day, Maradan continues to creep into Glasspeak territory. They have progressed much more slowly, as these lands are more densely populated and their empire is now swollen and fragile in places. Nevertheless, they continue to march forward to the dismay of the entire continent.
  • Period: to

    Fourth Council of Layfall

    After deciding some larger reforms are necessary for a functional government, Layfall does a soft reset, forming its Fourth Council.
  • Layfall Uprising

    Fed up with increasingly oppressive sanctions, the merchants and upper-class individuals of the Amber Coast hire mercenaries to take down the Fourth Council of Layfall. Having seen the conflict coming, the Council immediately forms a military coalition and puts the uprising down in a short but bloody battle. Seeing that violence is still occuring under this government, the Fourth Council dissolves and a new one is drafted.
  • Period: to

    Fifth Council of Layfall

    Layfall eventually settles on its current form of government. It seems to have struck a balance between the workers and the merchant class, and the government is functional if sometimes inefficient.
  • Orla Beren Retires

    Orla Beren retires from leading Ichorcia, and her elected replacement is Obo Ada - a living automaton created by a dozen artificers from Orla's guild (with input from Orla herself). Orla and Bree then travel into the dimensional gate, with no intention of returning to the material plane.