Rock 'n roll History timeline

  • Period: to

    Tin Pan Alley, Ragtime, and Broadway

  • H.C. Handy waiting on a train-Inspired by man on bench

  • Period: to

    Folk/Country Blues

  • Memphis Blues written by H.C. Handy-First to incorporate famous blues notes

  • Charley Patton -father of the Delta Blue writes sony Pniy Blues

  • Bessie Smith, Sant louis Blues

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

  • Period: to

    Classic Blues

  • Robert Johnson

  • Period: to

    Electric Blues

  • Alan Freed, Coined the name Rock 'n' Roll on his Disc Jockey show

  • Elivis Walk into Sun Studio

    Elivis Walk into Sun Studio
    Produced by Sam Phillips
  • Class of 55' Sun Studios Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins

  • Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry