600full roberto gomez bolanos

roberto gomez bolaños life

  • gomezs birth

    gomezs birth
    In Mexico city gomez borned
  • My firsts jobs

    My firsts jobs
    Bolaños started like a publisher in radios and TV
  • My first handwritten

    My first  handwritten
    Bolaños write "el estudio de pedro navaja" for Telesistema Mexicano and acted in "comicos y canciones" till 1965
  • My first performance

    My first performance
    Bolaños started acting in "Dos Criados Malciados" but he always continue acting and written for the mexican televeision
  • Bolaños performing

    Bolaños performing
    Bolaños acted in "los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada", he started in "television independitne de mexico" thats was the way that chespitiro became in "los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada" with 30 semanal minuts that he direct like he want.
  • Chapulin !!!!

    Chapulin !!!!
    The famus Tv program called Chespirito started, the program had now 30 mis more; he selfcalled Chespirito and a year later the programe "el Chavo" started.
  • The others characters

    The others characters
    Bolaños not only performed in el chavo and chespirito but also actes as " chompiras", "el doctor chapatin", "vicente chambon" and " Chaparrom Bonaparte".
  • The others

    The others
    The show was becaming in a legend and had a gr¡eat succes not only in Mexico but also in EU, all southamerica and Spain. LIke he there was more others actors like Carlos Villagrán, Ramón Valdés, Florinda Meza, Rubén Aguirre, Édgar Vivar, Angelines Fernández, Raúl Padilla, Horacio Gómez Bolaños y María Antonieta de las Nieves
  • Different shows

    Different shows
    Bolaños also performed in "Don Ratón y Don Ratero", "El Chanfle" y "El Chanfle 2". El Chanfle is a movie created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, also known as Chespirito. It was filmed in Mexico in 1978. It is classified as comedy movie.
  • "El chavo" triumph

    "El chavo" triumph
    Since 1980 to 1995 the TV programe had a big succes
  • A bid show

    A bid show
    in 1992 bolaños write "11 y 12" a production with 28.000 views
  • tha award

    tha award
    in 2000 televisa awared bolaños with "no contaban con mi astucia" with the 30 years anniversary of the programe "el chavo del ocho".
  • the wedding

    the wedding
    in 2004 roberto gomez bolaños and florinda mesa married, they had performed toghether in all the years of "el chavo" and this joined they.
  • disease

    Bolaños had problems with his life in Mexico City with a prostate dissease, this end with a litle surgical intervention
  • ¿Twitter?

    Bolaños created a twitter acount that at the firts day had more than 170.000 followers. at the secon wekend 250.000 followers and after a wekend the had more than 600.000 followers. For the followers you can visit they official web site www.Chespitiro.com and his official acount in twitter @ChespiritoRGB
  • Thanks

    Is almost 100 years that chespirito have made us laugh with all his jokes and funny perfonrmaces but what we wans to thanks he is that he demostrated us that no matter the money or fame only love of what you do every single day